What is now engaged in a prototype of the hero of the movie

Another 04/02/20 frame of filmagem is now engaged in a prototype of the hero of the movie “Voroshilov sharpshooter”

In 1995, the writer Viktor Pronin issued the novel “Woman on Wednesdays”, later filmed by Stanislav Govorukhin in the crime drama “the Voroshilovsky shooter”. However, few people know that the main character of this story was a real prototype – the “people’s avenger” Dmitry Danilov.

the Tragedy of “Afghan”

the Late 1980’s-early 1990-ies in Russia was marked by rampant crime on the background of powerlessness and corruption of the police. It is not surprising that the lynching of criminals were perceived at that time as the only possible justice. So decided and Dmitry Danilov, a young man from Moscow, who survived personal tragedy.

While Daniel was serving in Afghanistan, his fiancée, she became the victim of rapists. Punks terrorizing the area, dragged the girl into the basement and ruined. The police refused to take statement from the victim, saying that she is guilty, and since I was on the street late in the evening. Not having experienced a shame, a young Muscovite has killed himself. After learning the terrible news on my return from the army, Daniel has not been able to recover. A plan of action he learned from an American film of 1976 “death wish”, in which the protagonist goes on the warpath with the underworld after the death of his wife.

One against all

Danilov did not take revenge on anyone specifically, because I didn’t know exactly who raped Olga. His enemies he thought of all the local criminals. Armed with an improvised cudgel with spikes – weapons of epic heroes, Danilov took to the streets in search of bandits and hooligans. After service in the VDV, the guy had good physical preparation, in addition, he previously practiced karate.

In the second half of 1988, the police drew attention to the fact that the hospital often to get guys with traumatic brain injuries. On the question of what happened to them, heand answered, not very willingly, claiming that they were attacked by unknown. The expense of these cases went to ten. Danilov frequented the haunts of Vice and provoked the pals to the conflict. When it came to blows, the former paratrooper took out from the sleeve of a club. He is not afraid to act alone against entire gangs, once defeating in a fight 10 people at once. At least in one case a meeting with Danilov ended for his opponent to death. The man tried to rape the girl, and Daniel, mindful of the bride, could not forgive.

the Capture and trial

Many law enforcement officers probably sympathized with “the terminator with the Mace” – thanks to his activities the level of street crime in several areas of the capital decreased. But keep the “people’s avenger” on the loose was impossible. According to the victims, the police made a composite sketch of the suspect and were ready to detain him at the first opportunity.

One day, Daniel got into a fight with three robbers who attacked a passer-by in a confined yard. After the neighbors call the police arrived, a veteran of Afghanistan was not taken aback. He ran to the entrance, he called in the first place, and when the owners opened the door, rushed inside and rushed to the window. Jumping out into the street, Danilov sat down at a wheel “Zhiguli” I tried to escape from the police. However the guy could not drive and the trip ended the crackdown on a post.

During the investigation, Danilov told about all of their attacks. He was proud of his actions and regretted not have time to completely “clean up” the city from street punks. For multiple offenses, the state Prosecutor demanded “the avenger” is shooting. There is evidence that a strong pressure on the process was provided by the Prosecutor, whose son became disabled after a fight with Danilov. The court postponed 8 times, and in the end the verdict was softer than expected, although a fair verdict is also difficult to call: Dmitry Danilov was sentenced to 15 imprisonment. In the beginning of “zero” crime fighter was released, but Dubinhe is more in the hands did not take. Having spent in prison for many years, Daniel repented of their actions. It is alleged that he currently leads the lifestyle of a monk – according to one version, in a coenobitic monastery, the other in a remote Hermitage.

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