What in fact the USSR was expelled from League of Nations in 1939

Another 01/02/20 that in fact the Soviet Union was expelled from the League of Nations in 1939

According to the Finnish historian Carl-Fredrik Geust, during the Soviet-Finnish war of 70 bombers of the red army made 8 raids on Helsinki, which dropped 350 bombs, killing 97 and injuring more than 200 people.

Peaceful neighborhoods bombing was not ordered?

it is believed that the Soviet bomb attack Helsinki 30 November 1939 caused the protest of the world’s political elite and led to the exclusion of the USSR from the League of Nations. Meanwhile, in the Russian archives there are documents indicating that the squadron commander of bombers DB-3 Nikolay Tokarev orders to drop bombs on the streets of Helsinki were not received.

on 30 November 1939 – the start date of a military invasion of the USSR in Finland. Two days before the Finnish envoy in the Soviet Union yrjö-Koskinen was handed a government memo, which told of the denunciation of a previously signed between Finland and the Soviet Union non-aggression Pact. In the note it was reported that the Soviet Union does not intend to continue to ignore the aggressive actions of the Finnish side, systematically leading the shelling of Soviet territory.
The first day of the war a squadron of the air force of red banner Baltic fleet dropped on Helsinki, a total of 10.5 t of bombs. However, according to the documents of Russian state archives of the Navy, a mission she was not bombing the Finnish capital: Soviet pilots were ordered to scout the location of the battleships of coastal defense, the Finnish Navy – the “väinämöinen” and “Ilmarinen” – and destroy them.

the First flight of reconnaissance naval aviation lost two aircraft shot down by Finnish anti-aircraft gunners. To detect the armadillos in the first hour of the day was only the second link. They stood to the North of the island of Ruissalo (base Hanko). Bomb DB-3 dropped, but the goals are not hit. When a squadron of Nikolai Tokarev, two hours later arrived the place to be bombed again, “väinämöinen” and “Ilmarinen” was not there. Look for the Ironsides again in the country had worse weather and it was late in the evening.

Directive management of the air force of the Baltic fleet from 18 November 1939 clearly prescribed replacement goals for the bombers in a similar situation: the ships and defenses of the naval base. Flag-Navigator squadron Tokarev Petr Khokhlov later in his memoirs wrote that “spare goals for them [then] not found”, and the commander ordered to go “on the most important goal.” Operational summary of staff of the air force of the Baltic fleet of 30 November says that the backup target for the squadron Tokarev was the port of Helsinki, which was bombed from a height of five thousand meters. According to official data, in the result of fire two warships, as well as four-storey and five-storey port building.

Molotov confessed to the bombing

Eloise Engle in his study of the history of the Soviet-Finnish war, writes that the squadron Tokarev 30 November dropped bombs on residential neighborhoods of the street Frederiksgade, and a large number of victims of the bombing (over 90 people) was due to the fact that the population did not expect those punches.
the Leaders of the United States, Britain, France and other States have strongly protested the bombardment of the Finnish capital. What the head of the Soviet foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov on 2 December 1939, published in “Izvestia” said, the USSR did not bomb and does not intend to bomb Helsinki, on the contrary, the government of the Soviet Union with respect to the interests of the Finnish people.
There is a popular version that it was after this treatment Molotov by the Finns started to call the Soviet bombs “bread baskets” – the head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs in his speech though was that our aircraft did not bomb, and throw civilians sacks of groceries. In fact, neither in the treatment nor in any other official document of the Soviet Union, published in this issue, such statements are not – this is just a legend, folklore.

Exceptione of the Soviet Union from the League of Nations: implications

In the TASS report, published in “Izvestia” on December 16, 1939, the decision to exclude the USSR from the League of Nations adopted on December 14, called “ridiculous”. This document again stressed that “the USSR does not and is not interested to wage a war with Finland”, the reason for the exclusion of the state from the League of Nations (the condemnation of the actions of the USSR against the state of Finland) has been named the “first cause”, but a way of voting “scandalous fraud” (“for” allegedly voted in the minority of States members of the League).
Joseph Stalin in his speech in April, 1940, said that the military actions against Finland in 1939 was due to the need to ensure the defense of Leningrad and security of the USSR as a whole, without waiting for the support of the Western powers: as we know, this was not achieved in a year Germany and its satellites invaded the Soviet Union.

Finland after the Soviet-Finnish campaign (League of Nations, condemning this military conflict did not affect its course) has lost much of its territory ceded to the USSR in the framework of the concluded peace Treaty of Moscow (March 1940).

the League of Nations as an international organization with political influence in the world, since the exclusion in 1939, the Soviet Union from its members to its own abolition in 1946 did not show: “separation” with the Soviet Union became the last significant event of the League over its 27-year history.

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