Another 29/12/19 What “house of tolerance” was the “Krauts” on the Eastern front

In contrast to the female soldiers of the red army, who were with men at the forefront of the great Patriotic war from the first days of the war, civilian Germans of the Wehrmacht gained de facto status of military personnel only at the end of 1944.
But the “companion” Hitler’s soldiers and officers however the war was still. But they were only in the rear of the combat units of the Wehrmacht and intended these women solely for the “target application.”

the Most famous reference concerning the “sexual question” of the Wehrmacht in WWII historians researching this delicate subject, connected with the memoirs of Franz Halder (in the USSR, his “war diary”, was released in the late 60-ies, during the life of Halder, who died in April of 1972). The former chief of the land forces of the Reich, successfully escaped the gallows after the Nuremberg trials, and quietly lived to 87 years old, in his diary lamented (the entry is dated the second (!) the day of the war against the Soviet Union): a quick movement of divisions of the Wehrmacht in the Soviet Union is not identical to the rate of movement of brothels – German prostitutes do not have time; the lower ranks of the existing units for this reason murmured.
Halder treat this problem as a strategically important: the chiefs of rear services have popped official warnings and ordered immediately transferred to the mobile brothels of captured transport.

according to the preserved archives, sexy servicemen of the Wehrmacht was prepared with true German thoroughness – they worked as mobile brothels, and they usually settled in large settlements, located at a distance from the front line. In Ukraine, in occupied Mykolaiv and other cities nearby this Soviet Republic in the 1941 – 1943 operated a group of Viktor lyagin “CENTR”; during this period they blew ingulsky airfield, destroyed the port wharves, burned the depot of Many of the underground, including lyagin, the Nazis seized and hanged.
Ukrainian journalist and historian Sergey Gavrilov decades after the end of the war, in 2011, found and interviewed the last survivor of the underground fighter “Center” Galina Lermontov. It was in the occupation administrator in the dining room of the Luftwaffe. One of the questions to the veteran of war concerns the relationship of German officers with the Ukrainian girls and women. Lermontov said: anything can happen, but more often sex was accepted only because the children had nothing to eat at home. Hitler and the officers gave the impression of robots into the dining room they went there, to the Laundry to take clothes, in the brothel for satisfaction of sexual needs. No novels and love Affairs, courtship and flirting and hints and such from their side was not noticed – solid ordnung (German “order).
In Nikolaev was based 13-th army of the Wehrmacht. According to the memoirs of a local resident, then 13-year-old Vyacheslav Ostreiko, the Germans imported their city brothel for German prostitutes. Later in the brothels began to round up and fair-haired Ukrainian women, superficially resembling the representatives of the Aryan race.

German thoroughness has allowed historians to trace the foundations of the system approach in the Wehrmacht for the selection of candidates in military brothels and a clear assignment of responsibilities prostitutes, including their calendar “work schedule” remained relevant documents. There were three categories of prostitutes for the soldiers, noncommissioned officers and officers. Soldier “priestess of love” was ordered to serve up to 600 people per month, the officer – in 3 times less. In the brothels initially, before the beginning of the great Patriotic war, began to recruit full-blooded Germans, and took not each – we gave preference to a physically healthy, attractive, pay attention to even the manners. They were paid 700 Reichsmarks per month, paid insurance, military prostitutes were provided with annual paid vacation and other social benefits. However, for the brothels existed strictly regulated the daily work in mobile brothels. As in jail – all on the clock – Breakfast, lunch, dinner, medical check-up, work, rest….
For comparison, in his memoirs, “Life and death on the Eastern front” survivors of the Second World Austrian Arvin of Scheiderbauer writes that Lieutenant his monthly salary was 220 Reichsmarks.

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