What Hitler's troops were the most unlucky

Another 30/12/19 Which Hitler’s troops were the most unlucky

Many units of the Wehrmacht, after the war, and left no trace in history, but others have gained wide popularity. Among divisions, which has a story to tell, a place of honor is the 6th tank. She was lucky to take part in many famous operations of World war II. But it’s got the glory of a special kind. It has happened all the bad things that could happen. And if someone was to make a ranking of the most unlucky divisions of the Wehrmacht, the 6th Panzer could easily claim leadership.

the Division entered the first world war as the 1st light division (1. leichte Division). This type of divisions belonged to the sliding joints, but the infantry they were significantly larger and fewer tanks than the Panzer divisions. Unlike other light divisions of the Wehrmacht, the 1st light sent Czechoslovak tanks LT-35. In the Wehrmacht this tank was accepted into service under the name Pz.35(t) is not a good life. This Czech tank on its purpose and characteristics were similar to the popular in 30-e years the export of English tank “Vickers 6 ton”. Many countries have created tanks like him, and one such example just Czechoslovakia. In the USSR, he was released on license under the name T-26. In the German system, weapons, these tanks were generally not provided, but with the shortage of armored vehicles they decided to use. Just 1st light division there were 37 such tanks, and in addition 20 light Pz.II and 14 heavy Pz.IV.
Polish tanks did not represent a threat to German cars, but there were exceptions. The poles have converted ten of their tankettes, armed their 20-mm cannon.

These wedgies managed to destroy as many as 13 German tanks that much. And they were all from the 1st light division.
After the victory over Poland, the division was reformed into the 6th tank (6. Panzer-Division). Quantitativein Czech tanks, it increased to 118.
By the time the attack on the Soviet Union, in the 6th armored was 47 easy Pz.II, 155 the Czech Pz.35(t) and 14 heavy Pz.IV. Still all the Czech tanks of this type were only in it. In the 6th division gave even armored personnel carriers, which, however, was barely enough for one company. However, as was the case in other divisions except who fought with her in the same corps of the 1st tank, where tanks were the best, and armored personnel carriers across the state (ie, two battalions). But it first.
Immediately after the war began, the 6th Panzer came under counterattack by Soviet mechanized corps under Raseiniai where Germans had first met the Soviet KV heavy tanks. Guns of Czechoslovak tanks of the KV does not break even at close range, and their own armour protected them from Soviet guns even at maximum range. The legendary case when only one KV two days has hampered the progress of the whole regiment, which was that of the 6th armored.
On the outskirts of Leningrad, 6-I was fighting in area of Krasnogvardeysk (Gatchina) – Pushkin. And again, fate sent her the test the whole company KV (five cars). In this battle the division lost 43 tanks, of which 22 were destroyed by the crew of Lieutenant Kolobanova.

Next, the 6th Panzer division continued the war, advancing on Moscow. In the Vyazma direction she came under attack of a group of Boldin, which had three tank brigades (240 tanks). And again… KV IN one battle three KV knocked out 11 German tanks, the other two KV — 7 Germans. Later was attacked by the Soviet 58th tank division (194 BT-7 and 10 T-34), who has just arrived from the Far East. After that, the 6th division tanks are almost gone and those that still were had to leave when the Soviet offensive.

the Remnants of the division were sent to France to recover. From France to his misfortune, she was rushed to Stalingrad, to save surrounded by the army of Paulus. The main striking force of Germans made up the 57th motorized corps, where he joined the 6th division, in which were 160 of the most modern German tanks Pz.IV. In addition to her corps was 23 Panzer (40 tanks).

to Reach 57th corps had a significant number of Soviet troops, tanks were only 478. On the way, the 6th division met with the Soviet 235th flamethrower tank brigade, in which, among other 30 were heavy flamethrower tank KV-8. As a result of this “meeting” 6th division lost 50 tanks.

And although the 57th corps the 17th of December increased 17-th tank division (70 tanks), the success of the Germans was not reached. 20 December, Panzer divisions were stopped at the river Myshkova. The 6th division had 21 tanks, 17 half a dozen, the 23rd — serviceable has not been.
To the beginning of the battle of Kursk in 6 th division were 117 tanks, 70 of which was the modification of the Pz.III (including 14 flamethrower), not the most modern. Still had 32 tanks Pz.IV and 13 light Pz.II. Task 6-th was simple — to get known to nobody, then the village of Prokhorovka. Here the German tank was waiting for another adversity: the division headquarters came under bombing their own aircraft, the commander was shot by a sniper, and the division was only 6 tanks…

In March 1945, the 6th division, with 90 tanks 22 Pz.68 IV and a Panther(Pz.V) fought in Vienna, where the remnants of the division retreated to the Czech Republic and the Brno… was captured. To start a war on Czech tanks and finish in Czechoslovakia — there is a certain symbolism.

Cyril Shishkin

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