What Hitler's soldiers the soldiers did not take prisoners

History 05/01/20 What Hitler’s soldiers the soldiers did not take prisoners

Those rules were often not spelled out in the statutes and orders of the red army, the Third Reich, the armies of Japan and the United States, but they still tried to follow, in accordance with unwritten conventions that occur on both sides.

Snipers in the great Patriotic war from both sides opened fire on defecate: it was not so much for ethical reasons, but because of common sense – the shooter cherish each shot and when you press the trigger risked giving away my firing position, which in turn for several days was able to track the sniper of the enemy.
ethical considerations on the war were not supposed to shoot at medics (aninstructor). However, this rule is often not respected, because the Soviet medical corps, women often showed those fighting qualities that they could be proud of and men, and the Germans wounded and the corpses were picked up by military men, outwardly indistinguishable from ordinary infantrymen. The examples are not far – in 1942 during the defense of Sevastopol infantry regiment medical orderly Maria Baida, the future hero of the Soviet Union, 15 of the Nazis were killed by gunfire and four others were beaten to death with the butt. However, she fought off the Germans 8 soldiers and the commander, captured the enemy machine guns and machine gun.
the Germans of examples of such heroism among aninstructor there was none.

According to the memoirs of sapper Nicholas Posiseeva, past all the Great Patriotic war, in their unit there was an unspoken rule not to take prisoners snipers, flamethrowers and SS. Basically, if surrendered the Germans raised the white flag (or white background) for him not to shoot. But in battle often happened that the captives were shot almost immediately: it was a problem to escort them to the rear – not enough fighters, cargo technicianand etc..
the Germans in relation to the categories of military personnel adhered to the same settings: the same flamethrower to the enemy, fallen into their hands, they were also shot on location: as recalled fighter flamethrower platoon Nicholas Vohmintsev, they are wore pistols in order to shoot.
Documented only a few cases taken prisoner by the Germans of Soviet women-snipers, when the captives remained alive, being in the concentration camps – mostly Germans killed them by torturing.
Soviet Marines, strikes fear in the Nazis by their bravery, according to veteran sailor Vladimir Qaeda also almost never surrendered, knowing that they can expect the inevitable and probably painful death.
At the end of the war, the soldiers of the red army prisoners, as a rule, do not take more and Vlasov.
Cases of mass surrender in the Second World war in different periods of time the great Patriotic war took place all the armies of the warring sides, but perhaps only the Japanese have used his “rule of etiquette” (the samurai code of Bushido) – only on the island of Saipan, wrote of Yabe Masao in the book “the Paratroopers of the Japanese fleet”, committed suicide about 5 thousand soldiers who did not want to surrender to the Americans.

This fact confirms the General-the Lieutenant of the Soviet Army Arkady Kovacevic, noting numerous cases of heroism, air aces of the Soviet air force during the war. Don’t leave your comrade in battle, to join battle with the superior forces of the enemy – all these qualities have characterized our pilots, while the pilots of the Luftwaffe numerical and tactical superiority of Soviet fighters served as a pretext for retreat.
veterans of the great Patriotic war remembered: if the periods of calm, they also could be observed some merciful conventions in relation to the enemy, in battle they are not gone – they fought to the death, no matter what etiquette.

Nicholay Syromyatnikov

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