What Hitler's generals surrendered with their units

History 24/01/20 What Hitler’s generals surrendered with their units

local historians call a different number captured in the Great Patriotic war of the Soviet generals (from 72 to 83). According to the certificate of the head of the prison Department of the USSR Ministry of internal Affairs of Colonel Peter Bulanov, from 1941 to 1945 in Soviet captivity were Nazi officers 376 of this title.

If our generals became prisoners of war, mainly in the first years of the war, Hitler’s opposite – Bulanov provides data on the top 300 of the Nazi warlords, captive for 5 months last victorious 1945.

the Terms and features of surrender as the Nazi and Soviet generals were different.

Captive along with his subordinates

the Most famous in the history of the case of the capture of Nazi General, who surrendered together with the remains headed by the 6th army and Stalingrad grouping of German troops – an example of field Marshal Friedrich Paulus (January-February 1943). Russian historian, doctor of historical Sciences Oleg budnitsky, describing this episode, elaborates: when Paulus with his staff were taken prisoner, armed officers offered no resistance. Field Marshal shortly before he sent envoys to offer surrender, but they seized the Soviet motorized infantry. They captured Paulus, along with staff officers.

it is Noteworthy that neither Friedrich Paulus, nor the chief of staff of the 6 army General Arthur Schmidt no proclamations about surrendering in the address surrounded in Stalingrad soldiers and officers wrote more than 90 thousand of the Nazis (among them 44 General) were captured two days after the capture of Paulus, Schmidt, and other staff officers.

the Soviet examples, when the generals of the red army turned to the enemy with a request for surrender of subordinate units no.

Voluntarily gone over to the enemy

the Emigre historian Ekaterina Andreeva writes that the most famous, the traitor-General of the red Army Andrei Vlasov commanded the 2nd shock army and taken prisoner in July 1942, did not want to shoot, as General Alexander Samsonov, commander of the 2nd army in the First world war (his army was also encircled in East Prussia) – “to make the gift to Stalin”. Quick Vlasov agreement on cooperation with the Nazis, according to many Russian historians, suggests that the General did not consider captured something humiliating.

As he wrote to the Soviet and Russian military historian Feodor Sverdlov, voluntarily surrendered and cooperated with the Germans, the Soviet General Pavel Bogdanov. Colleague Sverdlov Oleg Smyslov cites the fact that many generals, who was in German captivity, when Stalin was unjustly counted among the cowards, defected to the Nazis, and subsequently arrested is Nikolay Goltsev, Andrew Potaturkin, Pavel Ponedelin and others.

Among German generals for the surrender of the assigned departments, in addition to Paulus, was made General of the artillery Helmuth Weidling – April 30, 1945, he, the last commandant of Berlin, surrendered with the remnants of the garrison. Lieutenant General Helmuth von Pannwitz chose to be attracted by the allies along with the remnants of his Cossack corps Pannwitz may 9, 1945 passed in the British occupation zone in Austrian Carinthia (later issued by the Union and hanged as Nazi war criminal).

Surrounded and wounded

the author of the book “Soviet generals in captivity” Fedor Sverdlov writes that the majority of the commanders of the red army were captured by the Nazis in battle or when you exit from the “boiler” – the generals Michael Snow, Ivan Skogorev, Mikhail Potapov, Peter Pavlov… All of the above officers after his release from captivity and the appropriate checks have been reinstated in the army and continued service. Mostly generals (more than 60 people of the total) were captured in 1941.

Hero of the Soviet Union General Ivan Shepetov the Nazis seized the wounded, as Lieutenant-General Mikhail Lukin, major-General of aviation Grigoriy Thora.

…According to the head of the prison Department of the USSR Ministry of internal Affairs of Colonel Peter Bulanova, the bulk of Hitler’s generals of different branches of the armed forces of the total number of high-ranking prisoners of war that surrendered the last in the great Patriotic war 1945 (300 people) – they did “hände hoch” without a fight, voluntarily laid down his arms.

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