What Hitler was awarded the Soviet pilot Ivan Fedorov

History 26/01/20 what Hitler was awarded the Soviet pilot Ivan Fedorov

the Russian pilot Ivan Fedorov became a legend of Soviet aviation, received the highest military awards from the state leaders of the opposing powers during the great Patriotic war — Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. History knows no parallel of such an amazing destiny.

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the toolmaker, in 1932 he was drafted into the Soviet Army and graduated from Voroshilovgrad military flying school, continued to serve in one of the air units.

In 1937 Fedorov has participated in the air parade over red square, and then friends were invited to the Kremlin. With twelve of the most desperate pilots Ivan asked in Spain, where there was a civil war. Already on 17 June 1937 he made a sortie and was shot down in the Spanish sky first plane. At the port of Los Arkaderne, near Cartagena, came five bombers and two “Messer”. Alarm Fedorov rushed to the fighter I-16, started the engine, took off and in the air noticed that the plane no parachute. That didn’t stop him, he rushed into the thickest of the fight and the label burst shot down one “Messer”.

When the war in Spain ended, Fedorov returned to his homeland already experienced combat pilot.

German cross

In 1941, shortly before the outbreak of the great Patriotic war, Ivan Fedorov was sent to Germany. There at the airport, surrounded by the highest German leadership, he first sat behind the wheel of an unfamiliar German fighter and immediately impressed the audience with the mastery of aerobatics. The dictator of the Third Reich praised the flight Fedorov and gave the highest state award — the Knight’s cross framed by oak leaves. Subsequently, the Russian pilot received shod cross the heel of his boot, defiantly showing a suitable place for wearing German ordenoin Soviet soldiers. This rare case saved in the history of well-known Belarusian documentary filmmaker Anatoly Alai.

Voluntarily flew to the front

the Irrepressible spirit of the pilot helped him to get to the front in 1942, although the designer of the Lavochkin would not let the tester. Once during a test fighter Fedorov decided to send the car to the nearest front. Not having a card, focusing on the railroad tracks, he reached the Kalinin front. Surprisingly, the command not only did not punished, but ordered to stand at the head of pilots of the penalty box. Later the pilot was entrusted with the formation of the regiment masters of aviation, and by the end of the year, Ivan Evgrafovich already wore on his chest the order of the Patriotic war, first class. Since the summer of 1942 and the spring of 1945, the commander of the regiment was constantly at the forefront in the composition 273 and 269 th fighter aviation divisions.

Fyodorov went through the war and just after its completion received a deserved first prize. In 1948, for overcoming the speed of sound during the test, the jet aircraft he was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

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