What Hitler praised Stalin

History 30/01/20 what Hitler praised Stalin

the Nazi and the lawyer in the main rate of Adolf Hitler named Henry Picker 1942 recorded on their own initiative “table talk” of Hitler. Thanks to Pikeru and its protocols in all its glory reveals the political plans of Hitler possessed and his attitude towards enemies. As a rule, Hitler was invited to their late dinners as the Nazis of the highest level, and employees rate who had almost all time of admission to hear stories and reasoning the chief. Of course, one of the Central places in these conversations was occupied by the Russians and their leader, Joseph Stalin.

In 1942, Hitler had already realized that he was dealing with the opponents more serious than expected the Germans in the summer of 1941 and, during the speeches explained his understanding of the strengths of Stalin. It was filled to Joseph Vissarionovich kind of respect.
for Example, Hitler appreciated, as the Russian has achieved industrial development: in his opinion, the Russian ordered in different countries (USA, England, Germany) machines, and then, having examined these models, collected on their basis of new, more sophisticated.

the High rating of the Fuhrer received and spy network organized by the Russian through the Communist organizations in Europe. In addition, as did Hitler, Stalin chose the only possible way to lead Russian people to victory: the brutal state violence over the people. According to the records of Picker, 11 April 1942, Hitler said: given the “cultural level of Russian, it is not necessary for this curse. Stalin also made the conclusion that Russian for their rallying need strict discipline and a strong state, if you want to ensure a firm political Foundation in the struggle for survival, which are all United in the USSR, the peoples…” to destroy the Russian, Hitler wanted in the occupied territories to pursue a policy opposite to Stalin, that is, to minimize state control and to provide the population with the ability to “freely” to degrade. Control is necessary only to the extent that the remnants of the Russian people to service the German economy, and no more!

in addition, in the spring of 1942, Hitler noted a persistent resistance by some divisions of the red army. But then he also thought that such divisions do not too much, as “Stalin failed to instill Communist ideology of the red Army”. However, in the opinion of Hitler, Stalin wanted to make Russian smart as the Germans, “to raise them to unprecedented heights”, that would allow him to conquer Europe. In fact, trying to do the same, but for other purposes (without the idea of world revolution), Hitler saw Stalin as similar to a man chosen by fate to rule. Very soon, 30 June 1942, received news from the commanders of the Wehrmacht on the Eastern front, Hitler was convinced that even dreaming to return home Russian “fighting like animals to the last breath” and that nothing similar to the decomposition that began in the Russian army in 1916-1917, is not observed.

Not only the brutal treatment of Stalin with his “impossibly lazy” people cheered Hitler, but his repression against the generals. Hitler called Stalin a “genius.” July 22, 1942, he said: “..to Stalin, of course, also should be treated with respect. In its way it is just brilliant type. His ideal Genghis Khan and others like him, he knows literally everything…” And Stalin did right, removed from your approximations are all intelligent, all ambitious and strong leaders. At the end of the war and after the assassination attempt in July 1944, Hitler was particularly sorry not followed the example of the leader Boards and not shot half the generals.

He believed that the “betrayal”of officers – the cause of military defeats. Their reluctance to follow his orders met the Fuhrer the source of troubles. And finally, some of them under the command of Colonel Stauffenberg even tried to kill him. But the generals of the red army – is another matter: after the repression they are all zomblike loyal and dutiful. After the assassination attempt Hitler did not spare the military, who has lost his confidence.

Joachim von Ribbentrop, Reich Minister for foreign Affairs, wrote in his prison notes about the plans of Hitler about Stalin, which he revealed in a conversation with the Minister in 1943: “He spoke in his usual manner about Stalin with great admiration. He said, on this example you can see again what value can have one person for the whole of the nation. Any other people after the crushing blows received in 1941-1942, no doubt, would have been broken. If Russia did not happen, his victory Russian people must only iron hardness of this man.

If one ever gets in his (Hitler’s) hands, he will give him all my respect and will provide the most beautiful castle in all of Germany. But free, added Hitler, he was such an opponent will never let you.”
fortunately, the truthfulness of the intentions of Hitler and failed to verify as Germany, underestimating the people of the USSR, lost the war.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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