New jersey’s Terrible sight on the patch of grass in the Begijnhoflaan, close to the lock, in the heart of new jersey. Glass bottles dominate the view. Residents, some of them in addition to the opening of the underground glasbol because…. for a long period of time is full, but not empty, touch. The truck, which is responsible for this, it is not possible to park at the site.

The objective is noble: the underground network of bottle banks should be in the location of such sites will benefit from it. Where a container is underground, and his sluikstorters, after all, are usually less prone to damage since they won’t be able to hide from it. The underground sites are restricted in addition to the visual impact. And, because of the smaller opening, there is no other waste than glass bottles and glass jars, too.

Just turn it on in the glasbolsite the Begijnhoflaan, close to the lock, in new jersey, but a little bit different from the. The surrounding area is full, there is really out of dozens and dozens of bottles, all of them written on the opening of the underground containers. For local residents, and passers-by, it is an ugly eyesore. “We’ll see, however, that the council employees are the round bottles and the container will pick up, but the container is full. So, in no time at all, the site is already full, it’s stuck.