What happened to the pilot, which offered Hitler to fly with her from Berlin

Biography 23/12/19 What happened to the pilot, which offered Hitler to fly with her from Berlin

Vadim Ilyin, the author of the book “Secrets of the death of great men”, named Hanna Reitsch, one of the most fanatically loyal to Hitler women. It, worrying for the fate of the beloved Fuhrer, asked him to leave the surrounded Berlin. Reitsch proved that this mission her on the shoulder, failing at the end of April 1945, to fly to Berlin.

the Frustrated doctor and the woman-the pilot

Hanna Reitsch was born in 1912 in Hirschberg (now Poland). Her father, as stated in the publication “Das Buch der deutschen Fluggeschichte” (Peter Supf, Georg Brütting), was a famous ophthalmologist. It is therefore not surprising that at first Hannah wanted to follow in his footsteps. After school, she for some time studied medicine in order to go to Africa as a doctor. Despite the fact that Reitsch through missionary work became famous all over the country, she decided to abandon a medical career. In 1931 Hannah left school to devote his life to the aircraft.

Reitsch excelled quickly in this case. After 2 years, if you believe the author of the book “Soft power in German history”, Nikolai Konyukhov, Hanna Reitsch set a gliding record and the absolute altitude record for women. The first achievement was equal to 305 kilometers, and the second is 2800 meters. It is clear that a successful pilot could not remain unnoticed. Subsequently, many Germans were fascinated by the fact that Reitsch brought Adolf Hitler to one of the congresses of the NSDAP, held in Nuremberg. During the Second World war, Hanna Reitsch, as an instructor to the Luftwaffe, was awarded the Iron cross 1st class.

In Hitler’s bunker

meanwhile, quite a feat, as expressed by Rafael Grugman, author of the book “Woman and war”, Hanna Reitsch made on 26 April 1945. It was then Reitsch broke through the heavy fire and well-beingchno landed the plane, even with multiple injuries, near the Brandenburg gate. Moreover, the runway, which landed Hannah Reitsch, who at that time was also destroyed by bombing. It was the last plane that had a chance to break into besieged Berlin. Thanks to this circumstance, and the fact that Reitsch was a real ACE, Hannah was a real chance Hitler for salvation.

According to Igor Kazarinova, the author of the publication “the Unknown faces of war” arrived to the bunker Hanna Reitsch herself suggested to the Fuhrer, whose passionate fan she was, to fly with her from Berlin. However, Hitler replied Reitsch failure. In turn, according to the publication “Who’s Who in Nazi Germany” (Robert S. Wistrich), Hannah declared that she wants to stay in the bunker and die with the Nazi leader. But Hitler and the offer was not accepted. He ordered Hanna Reitsch and Robert von Grama, commander of the Luftwaffe, to go into Captivity, where was the headquarters of grossadmiral Karl Doenitz.

homecoming and new achievements

From the Captivity of Hannah Reitsch and Robert von Greim went in search of field Marshal albert Kesselring. Here they were intercepted by the Americans. Reitsch and Greim surrendered may 9, 1945. After a few days, already being in prison, Graham committed suicide. According to “Hitler 1936 – 1945” (Ian Kershaw), and commander of the Luftwaffe, and a skillful pilot in Hitler’s bunker received a vial of poison in case of emergency. However, Hanna Reitsch his capsule was never used. Little more than a year she spent in an American camp, then was released. Already in 1946 Reitsch returned home.

it is Noteworthy that, as written Dieter Klose and Hansjörg Riechert in his book “IkarusMaschinen: Luftfahrt in Ostwestfalen-Lippe”, after the release of Hanna Reitsch continued his flying career and even won several honorary titles. So, in 1952, she was the only woman preneuseth participated in international competitions in gliding in Spain. And then Reitsch became the owner of bronze awards. In 1962, Hannah returned to Africa: in Ghana, she organized a school of gliding, headed for the next 4 years. Reitsch died in his native Germany in 1979.

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