What happened to the German woman, who became the wife of the traitor Vlasov

Biography 28/12/19 What happened to the German woman, who became the wife of the traitor Vlasov

during the Second world war, the lady Adelheid (Heidi) von Bilenberg was in charge of the sanatorium where rest and treated SS. In this Nazi organization when he served as a doctor and her late husband. And brother, Heidi was one of the confidants of Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler. This respectable German widow became the wife of the Russian commander who defected to the Nazis.

the Identity of General Andrei Andreyevich Vlasov (1901-1946), was in the historical literature is assessed highly controversial. Some researchers referred to him only as a traitor, others see it as an irreconcilable fighter against Stalinism, which is to this high purpose has started cooperation with the leadership of Nazi Germany.
Journalists, Andriy Donets and Yuri Temirov Teshabaev co-wrote the book “the encyclopedia of delusions. War”, in which he tried to objectively look at the activities of the General, who was hanged by the authorities of the USSR for high treason.
“From other collaborators Vlasov distinguished the desire to hold the maximum allowed in those circumstances the line between the interests of the Germans and the interests of his “movement” between the Wehrmacht and the ROA (Russian liberation army). Former commander of the 2nd shock under various pretexts tried to get rid of the label of a traitor… Declared “higher purpose” – without a Russian collective farms Bolshevik and the Stalinist clique,” wrote A. M. Donets and Y. T. Temirov.
Not judging people caught in the millstones of the war, together with General A. A. Vlasov, the authors of the book “the encyclopedia of delusions. War” recognize that betrayal cannot be justified.

According to his official biography, the commander had two spouses: Anna M. Voronin and Adelheid von Bilenberg, although this high-ranking General was never without female attentiontion.
the Famous historian Nikolai Mikhailovich Konyaev in his book “General Vlasov. Anatomy of betrayal” noted that on the front, and in Nazi Germany, Andrei often had Affairs with nurses, barmaids, svyazistam…
One of those outdoorsy field wives – military doctor Agnes Padmasana – gave birth to the son of the General. And the other Maria Voronova, krasivejshaya General life during the battle for Moscow (even before the transition to the side of the Nazis) unexpectedly arrived in Berlin in the summer of 1944, and admitted her lover that the Soviet command ordered her to poison the traitor.
In any case, the whole life of A. A. Vlasov after his move to the side of the Nazis under the watchful supervision of the SS. The leadership of the Third Reich actively used General for propaganda purposes. The creation of the Russian liberation army, which in addition to Vlasov became the descendants of immigrants, the whites and the Cossacks, was supervised personally by the Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler.
Not surprisingly, the lady of the heart for Andrei Andreyevich picked from among proven and trustworthy SS widows.

Sergei Berngardovich frolich, a descendant of Baltic Germans, was one of the officers who served under Vlasov and after his transition to the side of Nazi Germany. At the end of the Second world war, this man remained in Germany and wrote a biographical book about the former head, which is called: “General Vlasov. Russians and Germans between Hitler and Stalin”.
Here’s how S. B. fröhlich described the second wife of Andrei Andreevich: “Ms. Bielenberg was an interesting lady 35-40 years old, cultured, educated, well-read and sociable. She willingly played the guitar and sang. Before meeting it in the circles of the SS played in the protection of Vlasov. They met earlier in Berlin.”
And at the end of July 1944, the SS leadership advised the General to visit a departmental sanatorium, which was in charge of a respectable German woman. A health facility was in a beautiful place – lake Taubensee, near the Bavarian town of Ruhpolding, where now is located a lot of ski resorts. Feelings between Andrei Andreevich and Heidi von Bilenberg flashed quickly.
“They went together walking and talking. During this time, Vlasov so mastered the German language, he could make himself understand it, and Ms. Bielenberg knew a few phrases in Russian. Gradually, the acquaintance blossomed into a relationship that eventually led to marriage,” wrote C. B. frolich.

And yet, despite the fact that the leadership of the SS literally contributed to the development of a romantic relationship between A. A. Vlasov and Heidi von Bilenberg, not all of the approximate General approved the marriage, held at the end of the war – April 13, 1945. A modest ceremony took place in the hotel “Richmond” (Karlovy vary), because at that time part of the Russian liberation army were in the territory of the Czech Republic.
In his book, the historian N. M. The horse brought memories of SS Colonel Erhart of Kragero, which was attached to the General, “… believed that marriage is not necessary, neither Vlasov nor Heidi Bielenberg or SS”. Although permission to marry was obtained from the of Heinrich Himmler.
According to Nazi propaganda, after the liberation of the USSR from Communist ideology Andrei was to become one of the leaders of our country. According to many close A. A. Vlasov, Adelheid was an ambitious woman who literally dreamed about the title “Ruler of Russia”.
“of Course, Ms. Bielenberg loved Vlasov, but acted rather from vanity: she wanted to be “officer” and does not agree to the modest role of his girlfriend. She wanted to be like Catherine the Great, becoming the wife of the liberator of Russia, with a large influence on politics,” – said in his memoirs Earhart Kreger.

S. B. fröhlich, too, out of sympathy wrote about the fate of Heidi von Bilenberg. He openly rebuked her that the SS widow tried to remove some prednich associates of the entourage of her husband, which further led to the arrest and death of General.
“But my influence on the Vlasov was already insufficient, and it happened just at this critical time when it was necessary to do everything to protect him and his staff. I was terribly depressed. Maybe in the future I would be the only person who could tell Vlasov path to salvation, as a possible example, in a Catholic monastery,” – bitterly complained C. B. frolich.
anyhow, may 12, 1945 (a month after the wedding), Andrey Andreevich was arrested by the Soviet military. With the money he seized during the search of a gold wedding ring. A questionnaire, filled in during the trial, A. A. Vlasov was given only one wife – Anna M. Voronin.
after the war, Heidi von Bilenberg remained alone, about nei all quickly forgotten. Neither the associates and associates of the General, nor the German government had to this woman any help. And the money that many had after her husband’s arrest, Adelheid trustingly gave some enterprising dealers, who promised to spend all these REICHSMARK for the release of A. A. Vlasov. Of course, the crooks just got away with the money.
As written S. B. fröhlich, Heidi von Bilenberg even submitted a formal petition to the German authorities on the allocation of her pension as the widow of a General, but was refused. The woman replied that A. A. Vlasov was not served in the Wehrmacht, so she is not allowed any privileges, benefits or privileges.
So she died: alone, by all forsaken, the poor.

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