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Heroes 08/12/19 For that French wrestler “ordered” the murder of Poddubny

At the beginning of the last century Poddubny most clearly demonstrated to the world that the most powerful people – Russian. But there were those who quite successfully resisted him and even won in the ring. Today’s story is about “slippery” the Frenchman, Raoul Le Boucher and his tricks.

nicknamed the butcher

Raoul was the darling of the Parisian public. Behind its enormous growth, physical strength (188 cm and 120 kg), the ability to fight, and also previous profession Raul Musson earned the nickname “le Boucher”, which translated means “butcher”. As said Sergei Prokopenko in his article “As Raoul Le Boucher “won” Ivan Poddubny” Parisian had worked in the butcher shop, but when he began to gain popularity in the world of sport, gave it up and in 20 years he dedicated himself fully to the struggle.

First championship Poddubny

In 1903 in Paris took place the world championship on wrestling, which was attended by over hundreds of famous athletes. Poddubniy it was the first championship. Nevertheless, the experience he was serious as physical data, and therefore, along with the Frenchman he was in the rank of favorite. The beginning of the tournament was for the Russian hero quite well: having won 11 matches in a row he had to meet with Raul. The Frenchman was under the age of 12 years, besides playing at home, and therefore the support of the public and the morale he had been provided. But Poddubny is also not going to give up.

Slippery Frenchman

In the first minute of the bout to the Russian fighter was able to take the initiative in their hands, but Raul has successfully avoided all seizures Poddubny, sliding out of his hands like a snake. Upon appeal to the judges, the fight was stopped and visited Parisian. He was covered with a layer of olive oil. The match decided not to stop, despite the obvious the trick of the athlete. Raul wiped dry, but after a fewminutes on his body again were greasy with sweat.

To the end of the fight one of the fighters was not able to get the upper hand: all grips Poddubny was inconclusive. In the end the victory was awarded to Raoul, for his “beautiful escapes”.

the St. Petersburg revenge

Russian wrestler wanted to take revenge on the enemy, but all offers to arrange another encounter Raul rejected. However, the meeting did take place next year during the world championship in St. Petersburg. As said Sergei Osipov in the book “powers that be”, this game will be remembered for the public capital. Such abuse and humiliation the French had, probably, never in my life. Poddubny took him in a dead grip and more than 20 minutes and kept in the “knee-elbow” position, without pain and force, but not giving a cunning move. The fight was stopped by the judges ‘ decision – Poddubny was declared the winner.

a Failed revenge

a grudge French decided to take revenge to the Russian wrestler. The best option he considered “order” Poddubny of the Italian mafia when he was on tour in Italy. But the attempt failed — to knock down and kill the Russian hero, the Italians just couldn’t. Although “work” was not done, the Mafioso had the nerve to demand from Raul’s payment for the assassination. One to give money flatly refused, but was not as clever and fortunate as Poddubny. During the quarrel, the Frenchman missed a blow with a stick on the head and died on the spot.

Jaroslav Gorunov

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