What exact shots were credited to Soviet snipers

History 27/01/20 Which accurate shots were credited to Soviet snipers

Personal accounts of some of the snipers of the great Patriotic war of the imagination. The best Soviet sniper, Sergeant Nikolai Ilyin, destroyed 494 Nazis! If he hadn’t died in the battles near Belgorod in August 1943, we could easily increase this expense by half or even more. And his colleague Sergeant Athanasius Gordienko brought your score to the 417 fallen soldiers and officers of Wehrmacht. A lot of snipers approached these records — Vladimir Pchelintsev (456 hits), Michael Budenkov (437 shots), Fyodor Okhlopkov (429), Fyodor Dyachenko (425), Stepan Petrenko (422), Lyudmila Pavlichenko (309) and dozens of others.

Such high rates has always distinguished masters in their field and served as a confirmation of their art. Wasn’t the sniper, who did not want to increase your score and not watching carefully the result of each shot. These accounts are judged today on the arrows we are. When it comes to snipers and their performance often compares the account of the Soviet soldiers and German “cuckoo.” Compared themselves with the Germans then, and even more compared to Soviet snipers with each other. For a large number of enemies killed sniper not only became famous, but also received awards, plaques (for example, “Sniper RKKA”) and awards. Many successful snipers of the red army deserve and the star of Hero of the Soviet Union. And if sniper included in this competition and good prizes, then the question arose about the methods of calculation of accurate shots and confirmation. Therefore, when you specify the account of the snipers, it is only confirmed accurate shots (that is, in fact, it could be more).

in the Summer of 1943, the Deputy head of Sovnarkom, Voroshilov, a meeting was held with the participation of aces sniper case. After he decided to Strogi the light of the results of the work of a sniper: to do this, start “Personal book sniper”, company commander and regimental Logs “view of the combat activities of the snipers.” To knowing the exact shot was listed in these documents, the sniper had to report it destroyed the soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht to his commanders, and his report had to be proven by eyewitness testimony. As pointed out by the historian V. Petrakova in the book “Women snipers in the great Patriotic war”, it was believed that we need 2-3 witnesses accurate shot. In practice this is not always could be obeyed, so could confide in, and one witness. Especially if the additional evidence sniper brought the commander the document he had killed the German. Witnesses could be anyone — even the observers on the front lines, though artillery spotters, even just random soldiers. However, knowing that at the right moment sometimes no one is close to you, commanders, snipers were often sent with them, accompanied by special observers, which helped, looking through binoculars of potential victims for the shooter, and in addition and confirmed accurate shots. Sometimes the same function can perform snipers companions working in tandem. Often on the same mission sent two snipers (on the state of the rifle company was supposed to have two). So, for example, fought together Natalia Kovshova and Maria Polivanova. The girls fought together and died 14 Aug 1942 in the Novgorod region: surrounded by Nazis, they had to blow himself up with a grenade with the Germans.

it is Worth noting that the snipers could assume an unusual role, for example, ordinary foot soldiers who fought different types of firearms and bladed weapons. Killed them in melee or skirmishes was not brought into personal sniping account (otherwise, holding a machine gun, snipers could one day increase its performance a hundred). And besides, in the heat of battle is not always to count — who UBIl, who was wounded, and where he missed or took someone else’s successful shot for your.

by the Way, German snipers worked well as observers, and were required to record and confirm their accurate shots. But even the most successful of them are unable to surpass Soviet snipers. The expense of German ACE number one, M. Hetzenauer amounted to 345 confirmed dead. The second is Th. Allerberger with 257 confirmed killed soldiers and officers of the red army. In third place F. Payne (200 accurate shots).

Often ordinary Soviet snipers at the front dealt with the German sniper instructors. Thanks to the good pre-war marksmanship of recruits and training during the war, the Germans lost the competition. According to sniper E. Nikolaev “Soviet snipers in combat.1941-1945”, he slaughtered the Nazis in the great Patriotic war, during the war the red army was 113 snipers, destroyed more than a hundred soldiers and officers of the enemy. Of such number of shooters of the highest category, the Wehrmacht could not even dream of.

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