What did the red army prisoners by the Vlasov

History 18/02/20 What did the red army prisoners by the Vlasov

In the Soviet camps after the great Patriotic war turned hundreds of thousands of soldiers and officers serving in the Russian liberation army (ROA) and the Ukrainian insurgent army (the UPA – military wing of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN), and “civil” Bandera.

Ukrainian Bandera was cleared mainly by the Soviet counterintelligence SMERSH. According to official statistics, in Western Ukraine, in 1953 killed more than 150 thousands of OUN members, more than 100 thousand arrested.

As told red army veterans, prisoners Bandera they acted according to their moods. Strongly ideological, which thoroughly brainwashed, sent to the rear, with them, worked special services, most of them then got to the GULAG. Those who are lured to the forest detachments tricked or forced by threats and who was not involved in the atrocities, not particularly touched.

According to the memoirs of one of the employees of SMERSH, the OUN was a clear system of organization units. For example, in the Department of special purpose nurtured staff for the OUN (UPA): observers, messengers and scouts, as well as nurses. The Department includes the so-called “hundred brave girls” – physicians. Their smershevtsy prisoner did not take the principle, were shot on the spot as these “sisters of mercy” were real Ratched types: gaining practical skills for the provision of medical care to the wounded, they practiced on prisoners of the red army, breaking their arms and legs to learn how to impose tires, or polosa their knives, studying surgery and methods of suturing wounds.

So they give up and not wanted, knowing that awaits them in captivity. The most eloquent evidence of the treatment of prisoners by soldiers of the ROA – it’s the stories of veterans of the great Patriotic war. As recalled one of the soldiers Vlasov they hated, without distinction, for whatever reason they passed into the service of the Nazis – led traitors whether ideological considerations or trivial selfish interests. World war II veteran witnessed such scenes: tank man, seeing the column of prisoners Vlasov started his “thirty” and began to push them, until it stopped. Then this vigilante court-martial.

Often captured Vlasov thoroughly thrashed, before sending in SMERSH. And it happened that the captured soldiers of ROA were shot just from the “tactical” considerations. According to the memoirs of another veteran of the second world war, during the liberation of Pillau (now Baltiysk near Kaliningrad), our troops ran into a division of Vlasov population of about 500 people. Pressed to the sea, they gave up. The battalion commander had to decide what to do with them. Our came ‘ to bother with such a number of prisoners exceeding the number of the battalion, would mean the failure of the operation. The battalion commander left a platoon, and the battalion was ordered to move on. Separating about 20 Vlasov, the platoon was shot all the others. Twenty survivors at gunpoint, then dragged the bodies into the sea.

One of the veterans of the war had to escort over 40 Vlasov-Kalmyks in the group of 7 people protection. Along the way, the guards realized that the Kalmyks in their language agree on the escape. The guards took up their weapons at the ready. Kalmyks, realizing that their intentions are revealed, rushed helter-skelter. In the end, 18 of the prisoners put to death from PCA, the rest of the escapees managed to collect.

he recalled How the head of the group, the guards then long was questioned by the NKVD, but was saved by the fact that prisoners were exactly Vlasov. If in their place were the Germans, most likely, of the Tribunal, the security guards wouldn’t have passed.

* a Prohibited organization on the territory of the Russian Federation

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