What did the Afghan Mujahideen in the Soviet Union

History 08/01/20 What they were doing Afghan spooks in the USSR

a little-known pages of the Afghan war are the actions of the Mujahideen in the Soviet territory. About who sponsored and directed these actions, it became known only years later after the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Chronicle of the attacks

in the first year of the war, the Soviet leadership realized the danger of incidents on the Soviet-Afghan border. To prevent the penetration of the rebels, it was decided to strengthen the border troops of the KGB, guarding the southern borders of the Soviet Union. To this end, in the red banner Central Asian border district has created a combined combat units (SBO).

most attempts to break the spooks were observed on the Pyanj river separating ethnic Tajik land. The first attack was recorded in 1980, when the Afghans began shooting in the direction of the village of Panj. At the same time, the Mujahideen fired at the Uzbek Termez. Since 1981, began attacks on Soviet border guards, which spooks were captured and killed.

In January 1984, rebel groups based in Iran, crossed the border with the Turkmen SSR, mined roads, and made several attacks on military targets. Particularly intensified their attacks in 1987. In March, the fighters of the field commander Latif fired Panj rockets. And on April 8 on the Soviet territory from the border province of Takhar invaded the Mujahideen, acting on the instructions of the leader Mohammad Bashir. In the heart of the village of Iwalk in Kulyab region, they are faced with the soldiers of the Moscow frontier group. In the ensuing battle killed privates, guards Alexey Kurkin and he Yamilov, Afghans have lost in killed 14 people.

in addition, the Mujahideen regularly moved across the border Islamist literature and propaganda leaflets addressed to the population of the Soviet republics – Tajikistan and Uzbekistanon.

the Instigators

In Moscow, knew perfectly well who benefit from the “tricks” of the Afghan war on Soviet territory. Therefore, for serious historians not unexpected revelations of American journalist Peter Schweizer, who wrote a book “Victory. The role of the secret strategies of the US administration in the collapse of the Soviet Union and the socialist camp” As the author writes, CIA Director bill Casey considered Central Asia’s “soft underbelly” and the “Achilles heel” of the Soviet Union as lived here the same people, that in the Northern Afghanistan.

“At the beginning of 1983 he met in the oval office with the President and Billy Clark [Advisor to Ronald Reagan], to discuss the situation in Afghanistan. The conversation also addressed the problem of creating difficulties Moscow. The CIA Director proposed to take the war to the territory of the Soviet Union, the idea was Reagan’s taste”, says the book.

Casey Initiative was supported by leading politicians of the Muslim world – Saudi king Fahd and the President of Pakistan Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq.

As Schweitzer notes, the Mujahideen asked the US satellite imagery of Soviet territory, but the Americans turned them down. If such detailed maps would fall into the hands of the Soviet guards, it’s “head” would give the “customer” of hostilities. The CIA was limited to the purchase of spooks a few hundred rubber “zodiac”boats.

“At the beginning of December 1986, some thirty Mujahideen crossed in boats “zodiac” across the Amu Darya to attack two power plants in Tajikistan. They had to kill the guards and infiltrate the power plant. When the Mujahideen attacked, eighteen Muslim soldiers escaped to join the resistance movement. The plant was severely damaged, much of the territory of the Republic remained for a few weeks without electricity,” writes Schweitzer.

True or not, but ultimately the machinations of Americans has borne fruit. The Soviet Union was in Afghanistan carrying large losses and wouldl is not prepared to face a guerrilla war on its territory. In the end, as you know, the troops were withdrawn. And soon, in 1992, Tajikistan’s civil war began, one side of which was the Islamists linked with the Afghan Mujahideen.

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