What did General Vlasov to the betrayal

History 13/02/20 What did General Vlasov to the betrayal

In mid-summer 1942, the red army General Andrey Vlasov surrendered to the soldiers of the Wehrmacht. According to his assertions, the transition to the Nazis were committed to them consciously. The military commander claimed that he wanted to fight for Russian people against Stalinism and Bolshevism.


Andrei Vlasov was born in a family of cultivators, middle peasants Andrei Vladimirovich Vlasov. The father of the future General used in the village of great respect, and was appointed Church warden. Andrew grew up a bright child. His brother, Ivan, died in the First world war and his younger son, Andrew, his father had high hopes. Andrey Vlasov, went to study at the Seminary, but the revolution interfered a former seminarian first became a student of the Nizhny Novgorod agricultural Academy, and then went into the Red army. All his further life was connected with the “military science”. Higher education Vlasov never received. In the pocket of his tunic, the General always kept the icon, the gift of his mother, but Orthodox could be considered name only: the way his life was far from righteousness. According to the recollections of people who knew him well, Andrey Vlasov prayers, not read, not received communion and have not confessed.


Showing itself on the fronts of the civil war, Andrey Vlasov rapidly climbed the military career ladder. However, he held mainly staff, formal office and was far from the applied military science. In 1929 Vlasov graduated from the Higher military command courses “the Shot”. In 1930 he joined the CPSU(b). In 1935 he became a student of Military Academy named M. V. Frunze. Information about the fate of the Vlasov at the end of the 1930s the historians differ. According to one version, Vlasov was a member of the Tribunal of the Leningrad and Kiev military districts and was directly involved in the Stalinist “purge” of senior officers. In one historians agree: OSenyu 1938, Vlasov was sent to China to work in a group of military advisers with Chiang Kai-shek. During this period, Vlasov showed himself as a skilled hoaxer. According to his assertions, the Chinese side with great reverence towards him, even Vlasov claimed that before leaving Chiang Kai-shek personally Vlasov was awarded the order of the Golden Dragon, and the wife of Chiang Kai-shek gave him the watch. Upon arrival in the Soviet Union, and then another, as told Vlasov, was taken away from him. However, the version of the Vlasov at odds with the real situation. The customs of the time there is no word about the order or about the clock. Moreover, this order does not exist in nature. Vlasov himself carefully up with his story. In fact, during his stay in China, attache-hoaxer has been seen several times in alcoholic booze and convicted in connection with the young girls.

Kiev cauldron

the War Andrey Vlasov met near Lviv, where he commanded the 4th mechanized corps, then was appointed commander of the 37th army defending Kiev. Vlasov learned about Stalin’s order to leave Kiev and its parts into the environment. The situation was very tense. In those days killed more than half a million soldiers, however, Vlasov was able to pass through the environment. Passed through the environment of Vlasov with his mistress. They dressed in simple peasant clothes and managed to cross the front line. His army General left.

“the Savior of Moscow”. Promotion

After leaving the encirclement of Kiev, Vlasov was in the hospital. Meanwhile, under threat of Moscow. Here again we are faced with mythology. From Vlasov carefully made character. The myth that having a total of 15 tanks, the Vlasov part stopped Panzer army Walter Models in the suburbs of Moscow Solnechogorsk, and drove the Germans 100 kilometers, keeping the three cities. The Newspapers of that time, the General Vlasov was referred to as the “Savior of Moscow” and put in one row with Georgy Zhukov. On the instructions of the Main political administration about Vlasove written a book called “Stalin’s General”. In fact, Vlasov was all the time he spent in the hospital, where he had brought orders for signature. On the battlefield General nobody saw, but it made the figure of propaganda. While other commanders were at the front, Vlasov was interviewed about his heroism and devotion to the Motherland. General Vlasov actively promoted Khrushchev, what explains his meteoric military career. April 20, 1942, A. A. Vlasov was appointed commander of the 2nd shock army, remaining part-time Deputy commander of the Volkhov front.


the Capture of Andrei Vlasov is not shrouded in less mystery than his life. According to one version, leaving the environment, Andrey Vlasov refused granted him the plane, on the other – there was no plane. According to one version, Vlasov surrendered to the Nazis, the other that he was taken prisoner and even beaten. For the Nazis it became a valuable trophy. There are photographs of Vlasov in the capture: they are General depressed and confused. Vlasov was taken prisoner by soldiers of the Wehrmacht and sent to a pow camp.


Andrei Vlasov swore to Hitler a year after the events in Myasnoy Bor. In March and April of 1943, Vlasov makes two trips in the Smolensk and Pskov regions, and criticizes Bolshevism in front of large audiences, make sure that the liberation movement finds a response in people. During his speeches Vlasov allow criticism of German policy. For such agarbati the Germans sent General under house arrest.

Prague uprising and the execution of the

Vlasov, of course, understood that Nazi Germany is doomed. The latest attempt to rehabilitate him could become part of the POA in support of the Prague uprising, however, Vlasov resolutely refused to take part in it, their paths ROA dispersed. According to some, Vlasov has also rejected American and Spanish political asylum, that somehow whitewashes it to history. Vlasov was captured by Soviet soldiers, taken to the headquarters of Marshal Konev and the plane sent to Moscow. August 1, 1946, General Vlasov was hanged.

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