What area of the USSR suffered from the actions of the Baltic punitive

History 23/01/20 What area of the USSR suffered from the actions of the Baltic punitive

Baltic nationalists, the Germans used as part of the police. They not only guarded concentration camps, but also participated in punitive operations on the territory of Poland, Yugoslavia and the USSR. Most of their actions affected Pskov oblast of Russia and Belarus. After the Soviet attack the Latvian and Estonian punitive went into the forest and became the basis of groups of “forest brothers” who fought against Soviet rule until 1964.

Latvian punitive

On the German side fought 165 thousand Latvian volunteers. Many of them served in the units of the “self” that began to take shape in the first days of the war. These divisions the Germans used to protect military sites and concentration camps, the struggle with the partisans and Pro-Soviet underground. In the autumn of 1941 Latvians formed security battalions schuma.

They were used for law enforcement the primary mission of the fire service and for counter-insurgency operations. In Pskov region the most sad should be left to the police 273 and 276 th battalions of the Latvian police. Formed them in line and Pytalovo in each unit served 500 Latvians.

Together with the troops of the Wehrmacht and SS units, also drawn from the Baltic States, they in 1942 participated in the counterinsurgency operation “Winter magic”, which was held on the territory of Belarus and Sebezhsky district of the Pskov region. In 1944 the 2nd and 3rd police regiment Latvians joined in the punitive group of SS-obergruppenführer Friedrich Jeckeln, operating in Pskov and the Latvian forests.

In the nearly four-year occupation of the Pskov region killed more than 390 thousand civilians, and work stolen 150 thousand inhabitants of the region. The main role in the massacre of Soviet citizens played Latvian volunteers, which was done by the police for these purposes. The Nazis charged the cartel withAmou dirty “work”, and tried with their help to strengthen the ethnic strife in the region. After the war the Pskov peasants remembered that the atrocities of the Baltic States shocked even German soldiers. Leaving the villages, they advised the Russians to run away from home because their stead, the Estonians and the Latvians, who will not spare anyone.

Latvians in Belarus

the Nazis and their collaborators exterminated in Belarus, 209 cities and towns, more than 9 thousand villages, of which 5 thousand burned during the punitive operations. 630 settlements were burned along with the villagers. Only in Belarus the Nazis killed 2.2 million people. In war crimes the Germans were helped by local, Ukrainian, Baltic and especially Latvian collaborators.

In the punitive actions were noted Latvian “Arajs command”, more than 20 police battalions and 15 Latvian division of the Waffen SS. In these parts served only volunteers to swear allegiance to Hitler and the Reich. Latvian doctor of historical Sciences Karlis, Kanheri recognized that his fellow officers were not fighters for freedom, and Nazi mercenaries, performing their dirty work for them.

the Russians will remember the Baltic

the Lieutenant ROA V. Baltins wrote in Riga, Colonel V. Pozdnyakov on 26 may 1944 in the village Morochkovo saw “in the cellars of the hut is located Latvian SS… I asked one of them why around the village lie the unburied corpses of women, children and the elderly… there was a Strong odor of decay in the air. The answer was: We killed them to destroy as many Russians as possible”.

on 15 December 1945 on the interrogation officer 321-th Latvian battalion Alfred Vitinsh said: “Yes, this “work” I conducted and carried out the orders of General Jeckeln, who ordered to destroy all Russian on its way, I burned over 200 villages burned, children and old people, as they had no time to mess around, killed them then 10 thousand”. The Nazis concluded that his men “worked” for the glory, the Russians will remember the Balticku.

the Soldiers not peasants

In 1944, the Red army went on the offensive, and the Germans threw schuma-battalions of the Baltic States against the parts of the 10th Soviet guards army. It turned out that the war against the army differs from the capture of guerrillas and abuse of Soviet peasants. The soldiers swept the Baltic States and defeated 20 thousand Estonians and Latvians in the occurrence and Novorzhev, Opochka.

During the liberation of the Baltic States from German occupation, the Red army had lost almost half a million soldiers and officers, but the Baltic States continued to fight as partisans “forest brothers”. For the second half of 1945 only in Kachaniv district of the Pskov region has registered 74 cases in Pytalovo – 124, in the Pechora – 52 banditry and terrorism, organized by the Balts. According to the records of the chief of the NKVD in Pskov N. Almazov March 1946, worked in the area a dozen guerrilla groups of the Baltic States.

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