What are the techniques of unarmed combat used by the partisans in the great Patriotic

History 06/01/20 What are the techniques of unarmed combat used by the partisans in the great Patriotic

the Soviet partisans were often in contact with the Germans is much denser than infantry at the front. Therefore, knowledge of the techniques of melee combat saved many lives “people’s Avengers”. Basic methods in the middle of the battle was described in a pocket guide to the Soviet “Sputnik Partizana”, first published in 1941.

a Bayonet, spade, knife

during the great Patriotic war “standards” hand-to-hand combat the army laid out the General-major Alexey Tarasov’s book, “Destroy the enemy in melee”. The troops of the NKVD at the same time was studied the techniques of combat weapons developed by Mykola Simkanin, who paid great attention to the use of the knife. Elements of both systems can be found in the “Sputnik Partizana”. From the title of the sections of this Chapter, “Unarmed combat” clearly, what was considered most important for the guerrillas: “If a bayonet!”, “Hit the shot!”, “Bay butt!”, “Ruby shovel!”, “If a knife!”, “Disarm the enemy”.

Tips outlined in the book, well suited for real world situations. Special attention was paid to the techniques of combat in confined spaces. For example, in the thick bushes were encouraged to put a short prick of the bayonet from the “to battle” and to beat the enemy with a knife and shovel.

Even if the guerrillas remained unarmed, he wasn’t supposed to run. Here’s how the guide described the procedure of obtaining rifles:
“Hit the forearm of the weapon of the enemy. Grab his rifle with both hands, make a breakthrough for themselves, at the same time Bay to the legs, in the groin of the enemy or hit him head first into the chin. If you took the rifle to the left, grab it with your right hand under the left hand of the opponent and act as shown in the figure. Try to disrupt my opponent’s left arm with the rifle and wrest it from the simultaneous kick to the groin of the enemy.”

particularly noteworthy are the illustrations, showing the techniques of fighting with the enemy. Enemies, narisovdata in the book are flat helmets of the English sample. Apparently, the drawings created in the period when the USSR was preparing for war with the UK and not with Germany. We can assume that the country’s leadership feared the landing of the British in the far East – this, incidentally, explains why “Sputnik Partizana” was printed in the publishing house “Dalgis” in Khabarovsk and not somewhere closer to the German-occupied territory.

Melee combat Soviet partisans

History of guerrilla warfare in the great Patriotic war knows amazing examples of hand-to-hand combat. Best of all, of course, fought the guerrillas, engaged in activities in civilian life. For example, in the famous partisan Dmitry Medvedev fought a master boxer Nikolai Korolev, a nine-time national champion in heavy weight. The skills learned in the ring helped him and in the forests of Western Ukraine. Once in combat with the SS Medvedev was wounded, and the king carried him on his shoulders. When his way became blocked by the Germans, the boxer dropped the commander and, raising his hands, went to meet the enemy. Those thinking that the guerrillas surrender, did not open fire. Approaching the Germans close, the king caused a lightning-fast series of blows, so that five of the Nazis fell in the knockout. Another fighter took the gun and shot him.
to Fight the partisans had in the most difficult situations. The commander of the Sumy partisan connections Sidor Kovpak was described in the memoirs as Pripyat, the guerrillas captured the ship, in the hold which was left by the Germans. The ship caught fire, and the men had to beat the Nazis, at the same time dragging to shore the shells so they don’t explode.

Alongside men in close combat was different and women. For example, in the memoirs of the commander of the womens guerrilla brigade of Vladimir Yakovenko, there is an episode when in April 1943 his subordinates stormed the fortified village of protasy:

“In partisan circuits dashes, from time to time lying and taking fire from machine guns and rifles, changing to move the cage and disks, moving forward to the trenches and pillboxes of the enemy and our brave women. <...> Our gunners did not disappoint: the enemy fire has become noticeably weaker. And here’s the trench. Breaking into them, the guerrillas in the melee finish off the Nazis.”

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