What are the risks of the displacement of the magnetic poles of the Earth

History 03/01/20 dangerous Than the displacement of the magnetic poles of the Earth

it’s No secret that the magnetic North pole of the Earth is not a fixed point located strictly on the “top of the world”. Our planet’s magnetic field changes regularly and sometimes so dramatic that the North and South magnetic poles switch places. But what is happening with the North magnetic pole is now forced scientists to meet in an emergency meeting to adjust the existing magnetic models of the world.

Magnetic model of the world

No one has yet been able to establish why it exists the Earth’s magnetic field and how it is changing. Although the existing theory, based on the effect of Barnett-Einstein, has worked quite well for several decades. Traditionally, the magnetic model is updated every five years, as the migration of poles in this time interval is rather predictable. The last adjustment was made in 2015 and the new was not expected before 2020.

As reported on the website of Nature, the control measurements carried out by scientists in the beginning of 2018, showed that this time they are very mistaken in their calculations — magnetic North pole rapidly moving towards Siberia, and to explain it there is nothing. There is speculation that the reason the geomagnetic impulse of 2016 under South America, which modified the structure of the magnetic field of the Earth. However, its causes are also unclear.

Should I worry?

not Yet. Earlier this year, scientists urgently gathered and made changes to the existing model. So that deviation is eliminated. In the future they may reappear because the model has not yet revised. But there are hypotheses that in the near future will be reviewed and verified. One of them is that the migration of poles is affected by two large “inner magnet” planet. One is located in the heart of Canada, and the second — under the lithospheric plates Siberia.

the Main danger is not that something we do not understand, but the fact that the current navigation system is built on the planet’s magnetic field. The compass needle points exactly North and the magnetic North pole, which did have problems. Moreover, it does not coincide with the geographical pole, and unpredictable moves. This requires the introduction of certain amendments in all navigation systems, from GPS to Google Maps on smartphones.

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