What are the residents of the village Petrishcheva rejoiced in the execution of Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya

Heroes 07/12/19 What are the residents of the village Petrishcheva rejoiced in the execution of Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the outbreak of mayhem around the overthrow of the idols of the past by the wave of criticism hit the official biography of the fallen Martyr’s death at the hands of the Nazis Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, the feat of which brought up not one generation of youth.

it was she who during the great Patriotic war, first among the women was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union (posthumously), and therefore the image of 18-year-old bold Komsomolskaya Pravda, under the pseudonym Tanya, could not be subjected to propaganda treatment.

the First misconception that is associated with the name Kosmodemyanskaya, belongs to the genus of its military activities. In most sources it is called a partisan, despite the fact that are considered civilians of the occupied territories, not wishing to live under the dictation of the enemy, and voluntarily took up arms. Zoe, according to that definition, could not be partisan, because to complete the task to the village Petrishcheva it was directed from Moscow.

On this fact in one of his interviews, pointed, and tactical intelligence officer Alexander Fedulin, who claimed that Kosmodemyanskaya was one of the red army secret sabotage and intelligence military unit No. 9903, led by Arthur Sprogis.

Driven by high Patriotic impulse Zoe, as the historian of special services Andrey Vedyaeva, together with other Komsomol members had three days to learn the skills of orienteering, survival in the snow, gun handling, mining roads and burning buildings, to go to the assignment behind enemy lines.

However, the memories of the fighter above the unit Claudia Miloradovo, these sverhsekretnye courses in commando school Kuntsevo little taught young enthusiasts, most of whom died in the line of duty.

an Important role in the tragic death Kosmodemyanskaya played senseless and immoral from the point of view of Soviet saboteur Ilya Starinov order No. 0428. In the document signed by Stalin on November 17, 1941, it was said about the poor readiness of the Nazis to the harsh conditions of the Russian winter, and as the struggle with the enemy it was proposed to set the house on fire in the occupied territories on the outskirts of Moscow to the Germans, left in the cold, lost their fighting capacity.

in order to solve this ridiculous military tasks sacrificed their lives volunteers, whose death changed nothing in the General arrangement of the enemy forces, and only uncovered the existence of problems in the Supreme command of the country, afford the publication of such a reckless order.

in Order to mitigate the dramatic consequences of this order, Kosmodemyanskaya and her companions were called saboteurs, to perform the job, and the guerrillas, acting on its own initiative.

However, in the post-perestroika years, the press began to circulate rumors that the house and outbuildings, in which were stationed the Germans, Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya set fire to not by order of the management, but due to the instability of the psyche.

the Psychiatrist, and part-time artist Andrey Bilzho, claimed that the archive of the Psychiatric hospital. P. p. Kashchenko saw with my own eyes the history of the Komsomol, where black and white meant that she was suffering from schizophrenia. In this regard, he suggested that at the time of the interrogation Zoe was silent, not out of a desire to keep the secret, and due to the fact that fell “into a state of catatonic stupor with mutism”. According to his version, shortly after the announcement in the country public all the documents that established the disease Zoe, at the request of her family was destroyed.

a Similar version on the pages of the weekly newspaper “Arguments and facts” No. 43 for the year 1991 was proposed by the staff of the Leading scientific and methodological center for child psychiatry, claimed that after the war, from their files were seized medicinesSkye map Kosmodemyanskaya, in which there was a note of suspicion she has of schizophrenia and receiving treatment in the hospital. Kashchenko.

a Discrepancy with the dates of the destruction of the history of the disease prompted journalist Hope Arapkina the idea to check in the archives of the hospital names of doctors who allegedly diagnosed Kosmodemyanskaya, but they were fictitious.

But, it is known that in late autumn 1940 Zoe picked up acute meningococcal infection, which was treated at the Botkin hospital, and then rehabilitation treatment in the sanatorium “Sokol”.

In the Soviet reports about the circumstances of getting captured Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya dry bore – “Grabbed fascists”, but in fact, the perpetrators of the death diversantki were residents of the village Petrishcheva, who agreed to cooperate with the invaders.

Such a painful stab in the back by Soviet citizens was extremely dangerous for the leadership, seeking by all means to raise the Patriotic spirit of the population and to create an image of the people, in unison, fighting against fascism.

Reaching together with two companions to your destination, Kosmodemyanskaya with the help of bottles with “Molotov cocktail” set fire to the houses occupied by Germans peasants Solntseva, Karelova and Smirnova, and when you try to singe dwelling Seeds Sviridov was discovered by him and issued to the soldiers of the enemy army.

Local residents saw the saboteurs far greater evil than the Nazis, who promised them for their cooperation, mountains of gold, and left without shelter in the middle of winter.

Seeing the questioning of the member of the Komsomol Zoe Agrafena Smirnova hit her for what he did with a stick on the legs, and Thekla Solina poured mud, that after his release petrishchevo they, along with the traitor Sviridov was shot by Soviet troops.

Not feeling pity for a young girl, but on the contrary hating her for damage of property, they have no sympathy gathered in front of the scaffold, which failed, exhausted from the torture Kosmodemyanskoy.

by the Way, there was a version that Kosmodemyanskaya could give popAVSI in Nazi prisoner ally of Balls, but though he confessed, the historians converge in the opinion that he incriminated himself under pressure from the NKVD.

Peter Lidov, a correspondent of the newspaper “Pravda” on January 27, 1942, wrote an essay on the tragic-heroic life of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, of course, could not write in all-Union publication that was in reality.

of Course, he noted that the villagers tried to help the guerrilla, that they were forced to come to the place of execution, they are horrified to look away from the gallows, where at 10:30 am 29 November 1941, hanged, tortured with red army girl pinned on the chest marked “Arsonist of buildings.”

could Not resist the journalist from another propaganda trick, attributing to dying words Kosmodemyanskaya: “We are two hundred million! All are not hanged! You will avenge me!” sentence: “Stalin is with us! Stalin will come!”.

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pseudo-historians are All fools including the author.set fire to the house that the Germans expel the cold they had to burn under the feet nothing immoral there.lesnevskogo to help the Nazis.during Kutuzov 1812, too, burned the house to destroy the French.The war goes on,who’s feeling sorry for themselves?That’s right ,that shot these women who were for the Nazis.Would need I would also torched his home to kill more enemies of my country

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