For such a simple casino game, video slots games sure use a lot of confusing lingo! From ‘RTP’ to ‘RNG’, there are way too many terms to learn and it just gets confusing – play here. One of the most common questions we hear is ‘what are the reels in video slots game?

And we are pleased to share that we will be explaining all of this and more! Read on to find out more.

What are ‘reels’?

When you think about slots, what’s the first thing you see? We bet you any money that it’s the flashy icons that are spinning around – these exist in a variety of forms, including:

  • Fruit symbols
  • Emojis
  • Cartoon characters

Well, if this is what you imagine then really you already know what reels are! They are the wheels that spin round and round containing the symbols that you are trying to match. Back in the old days, slot machines were what we call now ‘three-reel slots’. This was a simpler time – simply match all three reels and you instantly knew that you’d hit the jackpot! However, these days the market is dominated by ‘five-reel slots’. Sure, some people like simple and five-reel is certainly a bit more complicated, but there are generally more chances to win when you spin! Now that is what we call reeling it in!

So how can Video Slots Games have reels?

As you probably have already realized, computers truly are taking over everything. From the way we spend money to the way we buy event tickets; everything has a digital equivalent. Slot machines are no exception to this, and you will now find many digital emulations of the original mechanic games in the form of online games or land-based video slot games, and that includes the reels! A lot of people actually prefer video slot game reels for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Mechanisms are limited to their size and therefore it’s often easier to just use three reels in physical slots – with video slot games, we can have as many reels as we please!
  • Reels symbols are not set in stone when it comes to video slot games, so we can update them regularly!
  • Video slot games tend to have a lot more special offers and bonuses than standard slots, meaning that you will have to look for all sorts of extra symbols on the reels!

Overall, video slot games use 3D graphics to emulate the wheels – it’s the same CGI that you see in your favourite sci-fi film or video game, clever eh!?

Reels and Deals

Overall, when it comes to slot machines ‘reels’ essentially means the spinning wheel that contain various symbols that you are trying to match. Video slots games do not have physical mechanisms, so they instead simply play 3D video graphics in the form of a video, emulating the traditional reel. This means a lot less restriction and more reels – and that means more jackpots! Now that’s what I call playing with reel cash!