What are the inhabitants of Khatyn managed to escape

History 12/01/20 Photo: John OldaleКаким the inhabitants of Khatyn managed to escape

According to official data published on the website of the state memorial complex “Khatyn”, in the Belarusian village in March 1943, was burned alive and shot battalions the Germans and the SS “Dirlewanger” 149 civilians, more than half of them children, the youngest was two months. Managed to save only eight.

As explained the reason why the Nazis

118 the commander of the auxiliary battalion, major Erich Kerner, in his report about the operation, reported that the partisans killed from an ambush three of the Nazis, including captain Hans welke, last champion of the Olympic games.

Koerner wrote, pursuing the guerrillas had such fierce resistance, firing every house in the village of Khatyn, which had to use even anti-tank guns and mortars. As a result, killed more than 30 guerrillas and “a lot of locals, some of whom died in the fire.”

According to the few surviving villagers, it was not just punitive surrounded Khatyn and herded everyone, including patients, in the shed, and propped with hay and pouring petrol on fire. Those who tried to escape were shot. Kerner was one of the leaders of the punitive actions.

As saved those few

According to the memoirs of the judges of the Military Tribunal of the Belorussian military district Viktor Glazkov (he was sentenced to death one of the leaders of the punitive operation in Khatyn, the platoon commander of Sonderkommando “Dirlewanger”, Gregory Vasyura), two girls, Maria Fedorovich and Yulia Klimovich, got out of the burning barn. They were picked up by inhabitants of a nearby village — Khvorostin. But the survivors soon died – Korosten and its population suffered the same fate as Khatyn.

he and Sophia Yaskevich hid in a pile of potatoes. Then the children remembered that they saw the policeman, but did not touch it, tolKo shouted to sat quietly. Also managed to escape from the executioners and another boy Sasha zhelobkovich.

In a burning barn survived by two children:7-year-old Viktor Zhelobkovich and a 12-year-old Anton Baranovsky – the Victor covered a dying mother, and a wounded Baranowski executioners were dead. Children are then found and took their families of the surrounding villages.

For the dead, the executioners took and 56-year-old blacksmith Joseph Kaminski, who was wounded in the arm. He woke up only at night, when the SS was gone from the ashes of Katyn. When I set the barn on fire, Kaminsky was able to push out his son, Adam. The blacksmith found him among the corpses, the boy was still alive, asked to drink. He soon died in the arms of his father. According to the memoirs of Kaminsky, the last words of the child in question was still alive mom.

This episode was the idea for the monument “the Unconquered man” – a symbol of the Khatyn tragedy.

the Postwar fate of the survivors, Khatyn

Anton Baranovsky, who worked in Orenburg, in 1969, was destroyed by fire in the barracks, where he lived, caught fire in the night, and Baranowski died from poisoning by combustion products. Vladimir Yaskevich worked at the Minsk automobile plant, died 11 years ago. Zhelobkovich Alexander was a professional soldier, he was retired a Lieutenant Colonel. He died in 1994. Joseph Kaminsky has lived in the village Corsari the same, Logoisk district, Minsk region, died in 1973. Eyewitnesses confirmed that the old man until his last days he visited the memorial complex “Khatyn”.

Sophia Jaskiewicz and Viktor zhelobkovich – the only survivors in the village of Khatyn who is alive today – Jaskiewicz worked in one of the Minsk post offices, Zhelobkovich by education a mechanical engineer, now they are both retired.

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