What are the crimes committed by the Bandera in Slovakia

History 06/01/20 What crimes have been committed by Bandera in Slovakia

the soldiers of the Ukrainian insurgent army, which deployed in 1940-ies of the terror in Western Ukraine, did not recognise national borders. They considered part of their future “state” of all the lands inhabited by Ukrainians, including the North-East of Slovakia. Here, as in Soviet territory at the hands of Bandera killed a lot of people who disagree with their political views.

the composition

Czechoslovakia regained control over Slovakia in the spring of 1945. Prior to this country for six years was ruled by a puppet Pro-German government of Jozef Tiso. Among the inhabitants of Slovakia was a strong anti-Communist sentiments, and have used the Ukrainian nationalists.

Many of Bandera, who did not want to fall into the hands of the Soviet authorities, were on their way to the West through the Carpathian forest. This mass movement began in the spring of 1947. The end point for the fighters of the UPA* was the American zone of occupation in Germany. It was there, in Munich, a donkey with his henchmen Stepan Bandera. From Bratislava you can get to the 30km Vienna and from Austria straight path lay in Bavaria.

the actions of the UPA* in Slovakia

to control the approaches to the mountain trails and to enlist the support of the local population, the leadership of “UPA-West*” organized several raids in Slovakia. The first took place in the summer and autumn of 1945 with the participation of soldiers of the battalion “Carpathian”. The militants acted in one hundred settlements of Presov region.

Entering the Slovak village, Bandera was put on the road the gunners. The population of the village immediately gathered in the main square where the militants were read the propaganda appeal to the Ruthenians and Slovaks. Among the latter are especially close-minded nationalists believed, according to software installations* UPA, “Catholics” and “Democrats”. Distributed by Ukrainians leaflets were filled with the slogan “for God, people and Dr. Tiso” and called for Slovaks to revolt against Prague.


the rally is not limited. To demonstrate the seriousness of their intentions UPA fighters* like the Nazis killed Jews, Communists and members of people’s committees.

In one of the houses in the village of Kolbasov killed 11 people Jewish – it was mostly young people, whose parents died in German concentration camps. Mr Jancura, the author of the Slovak newspaper “Pravda” cites the testimony of a local resident by the name of Jan Kitsch. According to Kitsch, managed to survive only Elena (the hen) Jakubikova, which is hidden from punitive under the bed. The girl spent the whole night in the room with the corpses of loved ones, until it was found acquaintances.

the Slovakian researcher Kobesova eve (Eva Kobejova) said that the attack on the house of the merchant Mendel Pollak, where the huddled Jewish orphans, occurred on the night of 6 December (the week of the celebration of Hanukkah). It is assumed that information about this Bandera received from some of his fellow villagers.

In the 1990-ies in memory of those killed in Kolbasova was a memorial plaque. The identity of the killers remained unidentified.

Another bloody drama was played in the village of New Sedlica. Hanukkah in those days, there were killed three people. In the village of Ulichi Ukrainians killed four local residents – a man and three women-Jewish women. Thus, aware of 18 the victims of Bandera among the civilian population in 1945. UPA fighters also looted and Slovak peasants, confiscating their food, clothing and medicines.

“Action B”

the Authorities in Prague were seriously concerned about the rampant Ukrainian underground, and did not hesitate to answer. In September 1947 13 thousand soldiers of the Czechoslovak army participated in “Operation B”. The aim of the operation was the encirclement and detention of three large groups of Bandera, moving in a westerly direction. It was part of the UPA* expelled from Poland and not having the ability to get to Lviv region for befficiency of the red Army. Applying sophisticated tactics, the rebels have caused significant damage to the Czechoslovakian police and military units, although I tried not to get involved in fighting.

the biggest success of the Czechs was the blocking of the gang, which was led by Vladimir Wielki named “Burlak”. Along with his companion Ophelia and other accomplices he was caught on a farm Janosikovo. Under the pressure of the investigation Schigelsky appealed to nationalists with appeals to lay down arms. In the fighting in 1947, killing 32 Czechoslovakia and 61 Ukrainian, more than three hundred members of the UPA were arrested. However, a significant part of Bandera still made it to Bavaria. Located in the West-the functionaries of the OUN used this fact for propaganda purposes, forcing the European press talk about the fact that in the Soviet Union there is still armed opposition.

* – an organization banned in Russia

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