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natural resources Russia is the richest country in the world. In particular this applies to the mineral resources of our country. But we have other riches. How is it expressed in numbers?

Incomparable amount

Russia – the country unique. It is home to only 2% of the world population, accounting for 40% of the world’s natural resources. However, as the results of a world Bank study, Russia is at the bottom of the list of countries with average income per capita. For example, we is 17 times poorer than the Swiss and 13 times for the Americans.
at the same time on each citizen, on average, $38709 total wealth of the country. This impressive number is provided, first of all, a share of natural resources, which is $17217 (a little less than half the total) and production capital – $15593.
For comparison, of the top ten countries share of natural resources not more than 2% of the wealth distributed per capita, production and capital ranges from 11 to 30%. But intangible assets from developed countries (technology, science, social institutions, human capital) ranging from 63 to 87%, whereas in Russia this figure does not exceed 15%.
are Counted and all the national wealth of Russia. According to the Committee, our country is worth about 25 trillion. 206 billion. 4 million. Here in addition to available natural resources included movable and immovable assets: engineering structures, businesses, machinery, vehicles and other tangible assets, both public and private.

a Limited abundance

today, according to experts, the value of explored mineral resources in Russia is $27 trillion. Undiscovered reserves are harder to measure but even the most conservative theoretical classifications of the cost could exceed $300 trillion. However, at the moment, access to most sweatysocial sources of mineral resources limited, exploration and production can be the amount of money spent in seven or more times the yield.
Former Minister of natural resources and ecology Sergey Donskoy said that available and proven resources of oil should last at least 30 years with an annual production of 600 million tons of raw materials in liquid form. While Russia has 12 billion tons of black gold, another 50 billion tons, it can develop in the coming decades.
According to experts, we are now able to extract from their natural resources, about $23 trillion. annually ($160 thousand per person). For the USA this figure is two times less than in developed European countries is 8, Japan is 40, and China is 80!
the stocks of some resources our country is an unconditional leader. We are talking about natural gas, coal, Apatite, iron ore and some types of non-ferrous metals. About 70% of all minerals of Russia is a hydrocarbon. The percentage of our main fossil reserves are as follows: coal 38%, salt 22%, gas 8% titanium 6%, oil 5%, iron 5%.
According to Russian scientists, the greatest interest for Russia is the Ural economic district, as it has the highest value of mineral resources, a developed infrastructure, convenient geographical location and available labor resources.


Russian forests occupy about a quarter of the world’s forests. According to the Federal forestry Agency, at the beginning of 2017 the total area of native forests amounted to 1 billion 184 million hectares – about 82 billion cubic meters of wood. Its total cost is estimated to be $28.5 trillion. However, you must keep in mind that a significant part of Russian forests are inaccessible due to poor road infrastructure, and in the coming decades, the situation is unlikely to change.

Science is on the margins of the

Its price has Russian science. Assessment Auditing and consulting company FBK, the value of fixed assets of sphere of scientific researches and Rotrabotat is over $ 914 billion RUB the Total cost of science is estimated at 37 trillion. rubles.
Science is not among the most expensive sectors of the Russian economy. Still the main source of funding is the national science budget, and goszatraty are traditionally small. Over the past decade, state investment in science grew by only 9% and now account for around 700 billion (1.12% of GDP). Academician Sergey Aldoshin regretted to say that science funding has not kept pace with the ever-growing cost of basic research.

is relative

the Agency “RIA Rating” reports that in 2018, the capitalization of the first hundred most valuable Russian companies amounted to $635 billion a Leading position in the ranking NK “Rosneft” with a capital of $69.9 billion., the second in the list – “Sberbank” $61,1 billion, the third, Gazprom in its portfolio has $59.9 per billion, the General condition of the top ten most expensive Russian companies $369 billion.
amid the richest companies in the world “the Apple” the Russian giants look more than modest. The market value of Apple today has reached $1 trillion. that is 1.6 times higher capitalization of domestic companies combined.

Oligarchic capital

the Total cost of Russia is inconceivable without its richest citizens. According to Forbes for 2017 in the ranking of the wealthiest people in the world Russia has 96 billionaires. Analysts Forbes say that for 2016, increased the status of those Russian billionaires, whose business is connected with the iron and steel industry and the oil and gas sector.
As the top ten of the rating of Russian billionaires more than $150 billion. That’s how they were distributed in the list: Leonid Mikhelson ($18.4 billion), Aleksey Mordashov ($17.5 billion), Vladimir Lisin ($16,1 billion), Gennady Timchenko ($16 billion), Alisher Usmanov ($15.2 billion) Vagit Alekperov ($14.5 billion), Mikhail Fridman ($14.4 billion), Vladimir Potanin ($14.3 billion), Andrey Melnichenko ($13.2 billion), Viktor Vekselberg ($12.4 billion). 96 the combined wealth of Russian billionaires is more than $386 billion.

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