What a strange money paid Russian in Alaska

History 29/01/20 What strange money to be paid the Russians in Alaska

Modern man is accustomed to money in the form of metal coins and paper bills. In reality, money can have any form and be of any material, as long as the parties involved in the circulation of money, recognized them as a measure of value, means of payment and accumulation. For example, in the period when Alaska was Russian, there went the money out of the skin.

Fur “gold”

in the XVII century in Russia knew about Alaska, it was visited by Russian merchants. The first permanent settlements in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands appear at the end of the XVIII ever. Then, in 1799, created the Russian-American company (RAC). She was, in modern parlance, on the basis of state-private partnership, the units were owned by governmental entities, there and individuals.

minerals in Alaska then discovered was not a core value were furs, which was bought from the local hunters. A first calculation was also of skins. Gradually the local population to accumulate a surplus of furs, which they sold to American and English merchants. CANCER could not accept the fact that precious fur out to competitors and, with the blessing of Saint Petersburg began to pay for fur coin. There is a new difficulty. CANCER has not coined money, they were delivered from the mainland in limited quantities, not enough money. In addition. the local population was inclined to make money from copper arrowheads and spears that could be used not only against the beast.

In the Main office of the company, located in the capital of Russia, has found a graceful way to release moneys from the skin of a seal, used to inhabit in abundance in the vicinity of Alaska. The Russian government did not object, but official permission to issue has been received.

Skin the fur

Signs the CANCER was decided to call “marks” and denominated in Russian rublesYah. Not to be confused neither buyers nor sellers, signs of different denominations were different colors. In addition, cut two or 4 corners, there were holes in the top, which facilitated the use of money by the illiterate natives. There is evidence that the CANCER has pay leather money and its employees.

the First issue took place in 1816. The turnover of received banknotes in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 rubles. In ten years, CANCER has released stamps on 42 thousand rubles. In 1826 – the second issue of 30 thousand rubles, there was no marks in the 2 and 20 rubles, but printed at 25 rubles. In addition, released small change “money” – in 10, 25 and 50 cents.

Leather money mouldering, and for their replacement company in 1834 produces new signs by 30 thousand rubles. Books CANCER say that in 1862 the circulation was leather money 36,115 thousand rubles, 1864 — on 39, 625 thousand. Leather money CANCER willingly accepted not only the local hunters, and Russian merchants trading with them, which determined the success of the event. Then the brand changed to Russian rubles on the mainland, but to find mention of the exchange rate failed.

In the first two decades in Alaska, lived 400 Russian in the Russian possessions and 10 of thousands of Indians and Creoles, not only built FORTS and trading posts, and settlements, schools and hospitals.

the Russian Empire in 1867 sold Alaska to USA for $7.2 million, equivalent to about 11 million rubles. The debate about the deal has not abated in our time, but we have to take will not.

a Year later, the Russian – American company was liquidated. Leather “mark” from circulation were seized, in exchange for Russian roubles, and then in Alaska began to pay U.S. dollar.

there are not more than 40 copies of the Alaska leather money. The largest collection is kept in the State Historical Museum – 15 pieces. The Hermitage has 4 copies. The other “stamps” are in the hands of private collectors, including the USA, Canada and Finland.

Konstantin Baranovsky

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