What a mysterious ventilators on 729 million rubles must save Novosibirsk from the coronavirus. Studied Julia Drokova

When in the spring of the prevalence of coronavirus in the world was especially frightening (that’s today many countries have already passed the plateau), one of the most topical issues among the city’s residents were “will that be enough for all of the ventilator? as of 25 June, on a ventilator is 31 people — a figure that fluctuates, but lately is growing. In March, Andrei Travnikov said that the region has 537 active medical ventilators, 21 was going to bring out of mothballs. And about 500 in the Ministry of health was planning to buy. A volunteer investigator and former chief editor of the Siberian Bureau of the newspaper “Vedomosti” Julia Drokova examined the procurement of the ventilator: it turned out that more than half are one and the same model. Who and how many sells Novosibirsk authorities ventilators who produces them and how are they safe in her new investigation.