Russian gymnast, nine-time world champion Svetlana Khorkina shared with the YouTube Koschevnikovi feelings about the stupid mistakes that she did at the Olympics in Sydney. According to female athletes, she thought, what then were defeated not only her knees but also the main dream. By that time Khorkina has long held the title of “Queen of the rails”.

In the sports career of Svetlana were many resounding victories. On the ill-fated Olympic games in Sydney, the athlete fell and landed on his knees. After some time it became clear that the gymnastic horse has been installed incorrectly — a couple of inches lower than necessary. In the end, the judge allowed Russian and other participants to repeat jumps, but refused to correct the assessment on other shells. Today, Khorkina not only a legendary athlete but also a coach, actress, TV presenter, politician.

Svetlana was born in Belgorod. In four years it was engaged in sports gymnastics. According to Olga, her mother suggested to take the kid to the section, as the girl grew weak, very sick and ate poorly. Khorkina admitted that she did not want to take gymnastics because of the high growth, but in the end still accepted. Svetlana trained under the guidance of Boris Palkina. The girl managed to quickly achieve outstanding results, as she was hardworking and purposeful.

About his personal life Olympic champion says little. His son she bore from her husband actress Vera Glagoleva — billionaire Cyril Shubsky. The child was born in 2005. Svetlana Khorkina admitted that, in her opinion, the personal life should remain only for their own use — not to frighten off the happiness.

According to the athlete, she loves the decent and honest men. Khorkina believes that it is better bitter truth, than sweet lie. Champion does not recognize the lies and are of the opinion that a man should keep his words.

Svetlana did not advertise the second BAAremainest. Now her youngest son only a few months. Khorkina said that the boy was named Ivan. The first son is older or younger by fourteen years. Khorkina admitted that children are the main men in my life. According to the woman, if they do well, and she will be happy: “I am in this life, nothing else”.

Why at the Olympic games in Sydney Svetlana Khorkina did not jump vault? Why her and Alexander Nemov did not want to take on the Olympics?

What Svetlana told about the attitude towards doping and the suspension of the Russian team from the Olympics? And what is the dream of athletes are under so far? Answers — in the program “the Destiny of man with the YouTube Korchevnikov” on TV channel “Russia 1”.