Representatives of public organization “Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers of Siberia” wrote a letter to Governor Andrew Travnikova. After the news about prolongation of restrictions to the Federation two days has received about 100 complaints from establishments with cries for help. Our region, according to restaurateurs, goes on a world record — institutions are closed for almost three months.

— the Absence to date road map for the resumption of the work our industry is already causing more damage to companies than direct closure. Because of the uncertainty on our employees and their families, on the verge of survival, including due to unpaid mortgages, are unable to go on temporary jobs in the neighboring regions in which the activity of public catering enterprises have already been resolved. We ask that you help our industry to achieve clarity on the timing of the opening of the summer playgrounds catering and hope that you will get the answer to this question until 30 of June — the expiration of the 90-day quarantine for catering NSO — wrote to the Governor, the President of Federation of Siberia Vladimir burkovsky.