District Hiloksky market unattractive place to live. The age live here are mostly retirees, and apartments in the Khrushchev and barracks, which sell for a pittance, actively inhabit the migrant workers nearby fruit shops, service stations and cafes of the East. Wanting to live near the route simply do not. And it’s not just in the eternal traffic jams on the road and honking trucks, and the garbage landfill, which several years ago grew up under the Windows of the gray houses. The last couple of days, dump a lot of smoke, turning the lives of the few inhabitants of the suburbs into a living hell. But people seem already and not waiting for help from the authorities, just patiently saving up money for a house or apartment away from here — from the ever-smoldering dump, a bustling market and a showdown between migrants. About life in this disadvantaged area — in the reporting Ksenia Lysenko.