A Walloon, a boy fourteen years of age, from Flémalle, has had more than its own contribution to the sms campaign, in favor of the baby’s Movements. He had no less than 722 text messages. “Full of good intentions,” says his mother, Corinne, but she is complaining in the papers of It on to the bill, which amounted to more than 1400 euro.

All are quickly brought up the text message to the sick, to the baby’s Movements, up from 1.9 million at the cost of vital medicines. Among the generous donors was an unsuspecting teenager out of Flémalle, who, to eur 1,444 euros of sms messages to be sent. “He did it with the best of intentions, and thought to myself: “the more text messages I send, the better for the Future. However, he did not realize that each and every text message to him, two took,” says his mother, Corinne, who is herself a text message had been sent. Corinne was given a warning that the sms payment, but to her son. For him, it was like a like on Facebook, ” says his mother.

and Her son, in her message, that the sms was free of charge. “He didn’t realize it was going to be in the text, that he, as the answer is sent to”, sigh, Corinne. The boy was sent 722 sms, for eur 1,444 euros. Corinne is doing her story, so other parents can be warned. “I would like people who are in need of help, but my financial resources. Only adults should be allowed to send an sms, do not leave children.”