Animals in A walker and has still not been returned to the Dutch Island of Texel with a special seal has been spotted. It turned out to be an albino animal will have to go. He was very, very sick.

The animal lay on the Dike, and when the guardians of the Noordzeecentrum you can visit Ecomare, the first photographs are seen, they thought, initially, that it was a baby grey seal was. He has a white coat. It was found, however, in order to have a common seal to go on.

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“The beast had a tiny bit of fur and red of eye,” according to Ecomare. “These characteristics point to albinos, an abnormality in which an animal that has no pigment is created.”

this is the first time that there is a albinozeehond in the care of the Ecomare yourself. It’s going to be a very rare event, according to the center. It’s the opposite – melanisme, in which the animals are completely black and are again on the increase. (read on below)