Style-do you have the latest socialemediatrend all? The so-called VSCO-the girls are diving here and there on Instagram, on. But who are these VSCO-girls ‘ now, understand? We will explain to you all about it for a bit.

VSCO girls are a sub-culture, born out of apps, such as the TikTok and Instagram. The name of the channel due to the VSCO app, which is used to edit photos. VSCO is known for its filters, which are the most popular look is that it creates a sort of beachy, California vibe. Most likely, you’re already a VSCO girl ever seen on your Instagram feed, without even realizing it.

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to create A VSCO girl to recognize

VSCO-girls can be identified by its accessories as well. In one picture you see of her is rarely without one or more of the following: