The Time-out, and The reason is, apparently, not the last few years. At a party for his ninth birthday present: Ognjen Vranjes is once again not well-behaved. The chairman of AEK Athens, the Bosnian hire in Anderlecht is considering Vranjes, a penalty shall be imposed.

The night started out good, but deteriorated quickly into a braspartij, with Vranjes and the team mates of the tracksuit go out, and they are nasty songs about the Olympiakos atmosphere. That it was the FANS that Vranjes rent in Anderlecht, still turn a blind eye to the Bosnian, last Sunday, the worst book ever written and played for them. Olympiakos – the result was a 2-0 defeat. The chairman of the FANS and now has announced that he and Vranjes is strict and will punish you. It remains to be seen whether the Greeks, the enfant terrible of these circumstances, to want to buy it from RSCA.

In the derby, who reacted to the irritated fans of Olympiacos by the way, with a sign that Vranjes is pictured standing next to Jelena Karleusa, the famous singer, who earlier this year claimed that Vranjes her death threats to.

The pictures below were taken before the party turned