Volkodav: what so called personal bodyguard of Stalin

Biography 22/12/19 Volkodav: what so called personal bodyguard of Stalin

Viktor Bogomolov, providing in the period of the great Patriotic war and after its completion the personal protection of the head of state and military leaders of high rank, for their excellent skill level among other honors, received the order of the red Star.

Nicknamed by colleagues “the Wolfhound” Viktor Bogomolov truly possessed all the qualities inherent in this physically powerful breed of dog.

intelligence, loyalty, endurance, courage, combative disposition Bogomolov helped him in the service, taking in a galaxy of talented bodyguard office.

has a solid growth and remarkable strength Victor, 48th the size of the collar, inspired confidence not only in their appearance but also professional skills.

who Had the first sports rank in chess, Bogomolov was a crack shot and a master of sport in wrestling that traditional hand-to-hand combat, fighting with multiple opponents, certainly came out the winner.

It is these qualities determined his assignment to the personal protection of Joseph Stalin, with whom Bogomolov first met on 22 December 1940 when was on duty at the service entrance of the Bolshoi theatre.

At that moment he probably did not expect that, after some six months, will accompany the leader during his visit to the front in August 1941.

According to the memoirs Bogomolov, Stalin tried every evening to take a walk in the fresh air, and did not change his habit even during the difficult situation around Moscow. One of these Proms Stalin said Victor, who later became famous phrase: “All is well. Our day will come”.

Besides the functions of guard Victor occasionally played the role of Stalin’s partner in the game of chess. Once, in 1942 when the Supreme commander located in a secret office on the metro station “Kirov”, on duty at the door of the room Bogomolov in two hours the night he was invited to play a few games. On assurances of the bodyguard, one of several fights with Stalin ended in a draw and since Viktor never asked for chess tournaments.

But in March 1953, during the funeral of Joseph Vissarionovich Bogomolov was awarded the right to stand in the honor guard at the tomb of the deceased Soviet leader.

it was in the biography “the Wolfhound” and other important mission. So during the great Patriotic war, he for a certain period of the NKVD instructed the guard commander Ivan Chernyakhovsky — commander of the 3rd Belorussian front. Bogomolov was accompanied by twice hero of the Soviet Union, and at the moment when the shrapnel of exploding shells flew just a few inches from the General, mortally wounding one of his bodyguards.

Working in the difficult war years in the heavy duty under conditions of constant concentration, Bogomolov showed an incredible responsibility, for which he was appreciated and tried to move towards the protection of various government officials.

There is a theory that Viktor Stepanovich was making suggestions about the cooperation of the chief of security, Lavrenti Beria.

But it is known that Viktor Bogomolov took part in the protection of Marshal Georgy Zhukov, as well as on the job guidance helped to solve health problems who had escaped from prison, Ho Chi Minh, who later became the President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

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