in The spring sunshine seems to be everywhere and to entice birds to each other and to work together as a nest to build. All of these activities, it is less easy to see due to the urgent advice to stay at home. Yes, the Society is the ip address of your computer on vogelwebcams to grow. Why do people like to use the camera’s for the birds?

A vrouwtjesbosuil to hatch in a nest box on her eggs. Her partner swoops in, sticks his head through the hole and provides her with a taken chick of. The female accepts the food, but throw the chicken right in the nest as the male flies off. If the guy later comes back with a big fat mouse, and swallows them in one go. It has 31,000 views in the best viewed movie at the webcamproject Experience in the Spring of the Birds.

the camera is one of the Messengers, or via the the general public 24 hours a day to monitor what’s going on in a bird’s nest. Viewers will be able to go back and forth between the different cameras. The nature of Christ Grootzwagers from taos, new mexico, each day, have a look at that, nature as well as online. “The majority of people don’t know is as crazy as a lot of birds. You can see them flying everywhere, and there was no one at the nest is done, it is the unknown,” he said. “Having to navigate a new world opens up to you.”

An owl, to enjoy the spring sun. (Photograph Birds).

More viewers than last year –

Last year, more than 800,000 people to the web site of the Experience for the Spring season. The links for the new breeding season, and are in the meantime, less than a month, and the cameras are pulling more viewers than the previous year. This is not a direct link to the coronacrisis, said She was Dijksman, the president of the Society. “We saw the number of tourists is already greater before the schools dichtgingen to and from home to work. It is likely that we will get more brand awareness given you.”

“When the eggs hatch, the male will immediately come up with a fish.”

Christ, Grootzwagers, nature < / p> Grootzwagers of the interaction between the birds. “How can a man and a woman to each other? How do they interact with each other? Especially with birds, where we have very little to do with it, as with the kingfisher, that was interesting. Last year, we saw the eggs hatch and the little man all ready with the fish for the chicks. That’s very impressive.”

According to a British study from the University of Exeter from the 2017 and bird watching to be a positive influence on their mental health. People who have a lot of birds are able to see it from their home or workplace did not suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress. It’s the difference between bird-watching in real life and online, has not yet been studied.
Bird-watching as a soap

for The protection of Birds to see, that is a pretty select group of viewers each and every day to come back. “It’s almost like you have to be a soap opera to watch,” says Dijksman. “You can see how the birds are to each other on the court and how to be building a nest. You don’t want to know if there are eggs. When the eggs are in, if you want to know if he is going to save us. You are going to be very sympathetic.”

“People want to be sometimes, is that there is intervention when there is a cat in a litter, and load. But that’s just for the night.”

Christ, Grootzwagers, guide

this also goes for the tough times. The guide shows that, while there may sometimes be call to the birds to save it, if that’s difficult to do it. “Sometimes it comes to a cat, at the bird’s nest, and do they want any interference. But that is just the nature. The strongest ones survive.”

It also highlights the Dijksman. “We’re a conservation organisation and the nature, to see it as it is. In each bird’s nest chance to be there, the boy who died and a boy who survive. A vogelpaar has already been successful as one of the young to the rescue. Also, from the cruel things in nature serve a purpose.”