In Lille, The one-thousandth part of successive home, 16.300 subscribers on their YouTube channel, and more than 14,000 followers on Instagram. “We’re quite surprised by it’s success, and for the time being, we think, still do not stop, laugh, Jolien Van der Steen, and Jenno Dutchman.

in the Beginning of 2017 to place Jolene and Jenno their first home on the internet and-a-half years later, they were all for 10,000 subscribers. In the meantime, there is already a 16.300. This past weekend, they made their one thousandth home, is a compilation of the last few years. With those numbers, they are by far the most popular channel on every day for a new vlog post. “We are quite surprised by the success of” tell Jolene and Jenno. “The fact is that it all started with the movies, at amusement parks and water parks without us, there really is something in the telling. However, we have noticed that quite a lot of looking at, and then we will have a vote set up.”

It all started with a video that we made in the theme parks.

Jolien Van der Steen

the Lesser moments

Thousands of vlogs. It Is the inspiration, sometimes not find? You might even think of it. “It’s best to do with it,” laughs Jolene. “We’re shooting to just what we have on a daily basis, do so. And, because we are very busy, there is always something new to shoot. While we admit that it can sometimes be a problem is if you get ill or have to deal with a personal setback such as a death. But, some times, of course, is also alive so we just have our home here.”