Vlasov: under what flag he fought Russian traitors

History 02/01/20 Vlasov: under what flag he fought Russian traitors

use Theme white-blue-red flag of the alir* in the great Patriotic war as the main standard of the Vlasov periodically raised in the media and on the Internet. Although in reality the Nazis in no way was interested in the fact that collaborators have positioned himself as a revivalist of the Russian state.

thought on the subject, Nazis

Publicist Jaroslav Hawks in chief of Russian army newspaper “Red star” brought certificate approximate Andrey Vlasov, the chief Dabendorf school ROA* Wilfried Shtrik-of Starkfield that in his memoirs after the war, remembered about the choice of the official Standart of the Vlasov.

Shtrik-of Starkfield emphasized that only Russian Germans were denied in the selection of its national white-blue-red (from 1896 to 1917 white-blue-red – colors of the national flag of Russia) – other collaborationist units in the army of the Third Reich, formed on a national basis, were free to use the pre-revolutionary symbolism, which was considered historically appropriate.

the German wasn’t keen on any manifestation (and the more pedaling) themes “Russian-ness” – for them it was all about the drivers of the mass surrender of Russian prisoners. Writes Shtrik-of Starkfield, the subject of the Vlasov flag was not developed Vlasov (it was not going to admit to participation in this issue), and one of the main ideologists of the Nazi party, the Minister for Eastern Affairs Alfred Rosenberg. It Rosenberg opted on Andreevsky flag. Few people know that originally the standard of the Vlasov was conceived as a small “patches” of St. Andrew’s flag (blue cross on a white background; the symbol of the Royal Navy the Imperial Navy) on a red cloth. But the abundance of red color on the banner for ideological reasonswe were forced to abandon such a dominant, and “redness” were in the form of ocenki St. Andrew’s flag. That is, in fact, even the Czarist flag of St. Andrew “in the clear” Vlasov is not used – it was just his converted Nazi “by vexillologie” counterpart.

Why talk about using Vlasov tricolor

researcher of the history of the POA*, journalist Sergei Drobyazko believes that such a generalization due to the fact that on the side of the Germans fought numerous divisions of collaborators, who had no ROA* irrelevant – they had their own symbols, including flags. For example, the tricolor was used of the 1st Russian National Army, General Boris Holmston-Smyslovskiy, which in any way with the army of Andrei Vlasov did not interact – primarily for ideological reasons the Smyslovskiy familiar with the General as a traitor and despised him.

I Know at least two facts, when the units of ROA* raised white-blue-red standard as its own character (these events are depicted on the photographs) – at the parade in Pskov in June 1943 and the German Essen in 1945. But this was a special case, which was the initiative of the Vlasov – Germans such a manifestation of initiative in ROA* did not approve. However, there is documentary evidence, confirming the gravity of the Vlasov tricolor: in spring 1945 a division ROA* came in his last battles under the white-blue-red flags. In the memoirs of Soviet soldiers celebrating this fact, common reference to the fact that captured Vlasov our soldiers prefer not to take.

some collaborators were the banner

Archival photographs indicate that the white-blue-red standard of the used units RNNA (Russian national people’s army; it disbanded in 1943, parts of it merged with ROA*) and the Russian corps in Yugoslavia. The basis of these divisions was Belamigrants.

*-an organization banned in Russia

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