Vladimir Vinnichenko: what shot 16-year-old maniac

Another 11/01/20 Vladimir Vinnichenko: what shot 16-year-old maniac

It is called the first serial killer in the history of the USSR. Although after almost 80 years after his execution sources that it is for certain reported crimes Vinnichenko, not so much.

What he did

According to the official version, this teen Sverdlovsk during the year (1938 – 1939) 18 times attacked children aged 2 to 4 years, eight kids he killed. Acted not only in Sverdlovsk, but also in Nizhny Tagil and Kushva (city of Sverdlovsk region).

Data on the number of dead and wounded (10 children) Bennicassim confirmed by Professor Alexander by Smolinym. Smekalin cited them in his report, “From the history of law enforcement practice of the 1930-ies: the case of the youngest in the USSR of a serial killer-pedophile”, made on one of the departmental conference of the MIA of Russia.

Vinnikovsky children were enticed in different ways to a secluded place and brutally slaughtered. Details, horrible details of atrocities meticulously described in the book “writer Alexei Rakitin”, “Ural monster.” It is often referenced when talking about this maniac.

Information about the arrest Vinnichenko known mainly from “Ural monster” Rakitin – Sverdlovsk investigators allegedly long time looking for an adult offender, and on the trail of a young fanatic randomly attacked local cadets of the police school. They tracked him down and caught Vinnikovsky tried to strangle another victim, a little boy (fortunately not yet).

In a criminal case there is no data examinations, which in any way disclose (explain) the psychopathology actions. But many of the summary findings and conclusions made by the “writer Alexey Rakitin”.

what does Ernst Neizvestny

“Writer Alexei Rakitin,” reports in his book that the future of the world-famous sculptor the maniac Vinnikovsky not tolKo was familiar with, but also went to the same school and even made friends (no one, including himself alive, a fact never confirmed). Unknown really lived and studied in Sverdlovsk. Judging by the age he was 2 years younger than Vinnichenko. When the latter was arrested, Ernst was only 14 years old.

And Ernst (supposedly one of his friends and school acquaintances Vinnichenko), according to the author (authors), “Ural monster”, was interrogated in the criminal case. According to the text of this book, Vinnikovsky often Unknown at home, played and “behaved strangely” with 5-year-old sister of Ernst Lyudmila (Lucy, as it was called Unknown). Sam Ernst, according to Rakitin, there is nothing special about his school friend did not notice.

the Book is “writer Alexei Rakitin” is replete with conspiracy theories, one of which States that Vinnichenko was an adult accomplice with homosexual tendencies. Supposedly it then the NKVD found him too and secretly, without a trial, shot.

Why they shot the kid.

This fact explains Professor Alexander Smekalin: during the investigation and the court acted spetsposhlina of the CEC and CPC of the USSR “On measures to combat juvenile delinquency” (adopted in 1935), according to him in the Soviet Union harshly punished all convicted of grave and especially grave crimes, starting from the age of 12. The case of the shooting Vinnichenko only known when the death penalty according to the decree sentenced the teenager.

24 years Later, in 1964, the USSR for a double murder to death sentenced 15-year-old Leningrader Arcadia Nijland (he hacked to death a 37-year-old woman and her 3-year-old son). “Under the Neyland” then the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR adopted a special resolution, which was allowed to shoot juvenile offenders.

no Data?

If you examine the sources that describe in detail the atrocities of the Ural teenager Vinnichenko, it is possible to distinguish two main newsmaker of the subject – doctor of legal Sciences, Professor and chair of the Department of the Ural couronneries Alexander Smekalina and “writer Alexei Rakitin”.

Smekalin – a person who is totally verifiable and respected in scientific circles. What can be said about the “writer Alexei Rakitin”. None of the publishing and literary community doesn’t know what he looks like and whether it exists at all. Under “brand” “Alexey Rakitin” released, including, and such books as “Cossacks in space. Ataman Altair” and “Who killed Kurt [Cobain]?”. Some sites that sell electronic versions of books Rakitin, don’t hide the fact that under this name a group of authors.

nevertheless, the case Vinnichenko really, he actually killed several very young boys and girls and it for this shot.

There is a photo exhibition dedicated to the crimes of seventh graders at the Museum of the interior Ministry in the Sverdlovsk region, periodically hold seminars with future lawyers, where boys and girls are introduced to the case materials of the Ural maniac.

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