Viktor Leonov: how a Soviet officer was forced to surrender 5 thousand Japanese

History 01/02/20 Viktor Leonov: how a Soviet officer was forced to surrender 5 thousand Japanese

Viktor Leonov was a highly trained Navy officer involved in the decision of the all-important military tasks: intelligence and sabotage operations. But even among his colleagues, almost daily perform feats in the great Patriotic war, he stands alone for heroism during the liberation of the Korean port of Wonsan by Japanese invaders.

the War on the Western front

the beginning of the war against Japan Leonov has repeatedly distinguished himself in battles on the Western front and was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. At the head of the landing group he performed many feats, working deep behind enemy lines and capturing a bridgehead for landing from the sea. So in October of 1944, he distinguished himself during the liberation of German-occupied village of Pechenga (Petsamo), managing to capture and hold anti-aircraft battery and provide a relatively safe approach to the advancing red Army.

As he recalled Pavel Kolosov, who served under Leonov, he was very determined and brave commander, who was able to act quickly and in time disappear. He had mastered the ability to fight small forces, inflicting a blow in the most vulnerable place. Therefore, the success of his operations, surprised, just as for years of service in the Northern fleet, he flew more than 50 sorties in the enemy’s rear. But the greatest success was waiting for Viktor Leonov in Korea.

Courage takes

or Rather, in the case of Leonov, which he tells in the book “The memorial landing.” It was the summer of 1945. Manchu direction Japan was already defeated. The USSR and the allies landed on the Korean Peninsula, planning the expulsion of the enemy from there. But first, attempts were made to negotiate. To negotiate with the commander of the aviation garrison Wonsan Leonov went, accompanied by 8 officers. But the situation from the beginning turned into an unexpected side. Japanese Colonel, wanting to bargain for favorable terms of surrender, set out to take hostage of Soviet officers.

Seeing the indecision of the commander of the garrison, Leonov quickly assessed the situation and took it into their own hands, starting the conversation from a position of strength. Although the Japanese headquarters of the Soviet officers were clearly in the minority, they are not saying a word locked the door, took up positions near the Windows, and one of them started threatening to throw in the hands of anti-tank grenade. However, she was sunk, but the Japanese knew nothing about it. Leonov himself invited the Colonel to capitulate, saying that if necessary they are willing to blow himself up along with the enemy HQ and die, taking with them and the enemy. Apparently, these words sounded very convincing.

the Capitulation of the garrison was signed without much thought. The airfield was built three and a half thousand prisoners of the Japanese. Among the trophies were the three batteries, five planes and a huge amount of ammunition. To escort such a number of prisoners reduced to nine men was not easy. Leonov recalls that he was very afraid that they may flee on the way, but the opposite happened. Met a Japanese troops willingly surrendered, and by the time the prisoners were taken to the location of the Soviet troops, there were already five thousand.

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