Viktor Belenko: the most valuable to the United States, Soviet pilot-traitor

Another 30/12/19 Viktor Belenko: the most valuable to the United States, Soviet pilot-traitor

Viktor Belenko for treason were sentenced in absentia in the USSR to the death penalty. Leaving the Soviet Union, his wife and son, a former Soviet pilot, whose escape from the country pushed the unsatisfied ambition, never tried to meet them or at least to write.

Why he did it

Russian writer O. S. Smyslov, author of “Judah in uniform,” has collected many testimonies of fellow defector V. I. Belenko, startauflage in September 1976 on the new MiG-25P to Japan. Based on these data, the main cause of betrayal of a military pilot was dissatisfaction with one’s own official position – Lieutenant had not assigned the proper rank of captain, was not appointed chief of staff of the squadron. This, in turn, did not allow him to enter the military Academy and study there Belenko wanted.

On this basis Victor Belenko repeatedly clashed with his superiors, was nervous. Moreover, according to the recollections of colleagues, this behavior became pronounced only two months before the shoot – first nothing special from his fellow Belenko did not differ. Later it turned out that to escape over the border the pilot was preparing secretly: he took with him some of the documents, he found hand-drawn map of flights to China.

How he managed to escape

the BBC Journalist, Stephen Dowling in his article “the Pilot, who stole secret Soviet fighter”, wrote that on 6 September 1976, Viktor Belenko’s MiG-25P and his partner, flying on a different fighter, performed a training flight. The fugitive, seizing the moment, took the plane in the direction off course, sending it toward the border with Japan.

to avoid being seen defense of the USSR and Japan, MiG Belenko was extremely low, 30-meter height. Once in the airspace of Japan defector scored wasabout six thousandth height, but the fighter was spotted by Japanese radar. To intercept him failed, as the plane again ultimately fell. The link Belenko did not go out, neither with her nor with the Japanese. A little more than two hours of flight, the Soviet fighter landed at the airfield of one of their cities the Japanese island of Hokkaido. The landing was difficult, not enough runway, but Victor Belenko managed to hold it without serious damage for a Moment.

the pilot had 30 hours of flying time on this model, a fighter, and the MiG was in excellent condition, so the version that Victor Belenko made a forced landing in the end I had to dismiss. Despite the fact that she was initially the main and official from the Soviet side. Fuel tanks on the fighter before the flight refueled the eyeballs, although this amount of fuel to complete the training tasks are not required.

All of these factors combined with the high professionalism of the pilot, pilot-instructor 1st class, testified that V. I. Belenko deliberately escaped abroad on a secret the MiG-25P.

the betrayal Belenko

according to A. S. Sense, the Japanese surrendered Belenko with his fighter to the Americans (the defector he wanted), and the Yankees in a few days tore the plane apart. At the request of the USSR, the fighter was returned only two months later. After the hijacking on this model of the MiG were forced to change onboard radar and weapons. In addition, in case of emergency replaced the system of identification “friend or foe”. According to rough estimates, the damage from crimes V. I. Belenko to the Soviet Union amounted to about 2 billion rubles in prices of that time.

a few days after the defection of Belenko himself us President Jimmy Carter signed a document on granting valuable traitor of US citizenship and right of permanent residence in America, and the future President of the United States, then-CIA Director George Bush used knownia and experience defector to the fullest. Belenko advised by American intelligence agencies and the air force, taught in military educational institutions, actively gave interviews to Western media. As he wrote, “new York times”, Belenko was extremely useful informant for the United States. In America, he started a new family (with wife and child, abandoned in the Soviet Union, he never saw). It was repeatedly reported about his death, but a traitor every time “pop up”, giving another interview.

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