the Netherlands have created new measures to prevent Vietnamese children from protective custody in the Netherlands, will disappear and become a victim of trafficking in human beings, to write to the National Rapporteur, Trafficking in human beings and Sexual Violence against Children in the family. At this moment in time dissipates 97% of the children who are to be included.

“The suspicion is that a large proportion of these children have come into the hands of human traffickers or people smugglers is now confirmed, according to the national rapporteur, by Herman Bolhaar.

It is based on a recently published research by the Expertise centre for Trafficking in human beings and migrant Smuggling (EMM), and the Analyseproeftuin migratory chain (APM).

the Radio programme Argos, and the daily newspaper NRC handelsblad reported last year, in march, that is at least sixty-Vietnamese children between 2013 and 2017, out of the protected shelter was gone. They were put there because they were at risk of becoming a victim of trafficking in human beings or trafficking in human beings.

EMM, and ERROL, to conclude, that, since the last two years, there are still at least twenty of the Vietnamese children that are to come. In total, of 1,750 children will be gone. For the most part, it would be in the Uk end up.

Bolhaar is a call to further action. “I find it impossible to believe that this has not already been done. The Dutch State is responsible for those children.” Secretary of state, Ankie Broekers-Knol (Security and Justice), leave a comment, know that it is the subject of both national and international, is on the agenda.