The government in Kyiv has accused the Russian army of having committed war crimes in numerous places since invading Ukraine on February 24. The broadcasters CNN and BBC published footage of such a possible crime in mid-March on Thursday.

Surveillance footage showed Russian soldiers apparently shooting two unarmed civilians in the back near a car dealership outside of Kyiv after what appeared to be peaceful talks. One of the men died on the spot, the other shortly afterwards.

The Russian soldiers can then be seen on the footage how they enter the premises and finally destroy the security camera. The Russian Ministry of Defense did not provide any information on the incident when asked by CNN. Ukrainian lawyers speak of another war crime.

Reports and recordings from Butscha had previously triggered horror and outrage. Before the war, Bucha was a family-friendly suburb of Kyiv with around 37,000 inhabitants. The first Russian soldiers reached the city on February 27 and took control of the city on March 5, according to the human rights organization Human Rights Watch. At that time, an estimated 4,000 residents were still there. On March 31, the Russian army withdrew from Bucha.

According to Bucha police chief Vitaly Lobass, around 400 bodies were discovered after the troops withdrew, including in two mass graves. Most were shot, about a quarter could not be identified. According to the Ukrainian police, 1,235 dead civilians were found in the entire Kyiv region in early May.

Fighting in southern and eastern Ukraine continued on Thursday. The Ukrainian Presidential Office reported continued shelling from the Luhansk region. Russian troops are attempting to take complete control of the city of Rubizhne, blockading a key Lysychansk-Bakhmut highway and taking Severodonetsk, sources said.