Victor Ponomariov: as the ensign was the first Chechen war hero

History 17/01/20 Victor Ponomariov: as the ensign was the first Chechen war hero

a Long time in the media appeared information that Viktor Ponomarev saved the life of General Lev Rokhlin. But it is only partly true. In fact, the ensign Ponomariov defended from the danger of death a completely different person, which, of course, does not detract from his feat. For this heroic deed, but also for their courage in battle, Ponomaryov was awarded the title of Hero of Russia posthumously.

Before the Chechen war

Biography of Viktor Aleksandrovich Ponomarev is almost indistinguishable from the hundreds of thousands of lives of his colleagues. He was born in 1961 in Saratov region, but a large part of my childhood and spent all his youth in the Vologda area, settlement of city type of Elan. Parents Victor moved when the boy was barely 10 years old. There, in the Elan, Ponomarev graduated from high school and vocational school. There were called up for military service in 1979. The young man was lucky: he got in the prestigious airborne troops. Apparently, the military craft had Victor on the soul, because at expiration of service, he remained in the army.

after Studying in the school of ensigns, Viktor Ponomarev was sent to the GDR, where he remained until 1986. During the next seven years he served in the Byelorussian Soviet socialist Republic, and then, at his own request, was transferred to Russia. A while Ponomarev lived in Volgograd. And in 1994, the First Chechen war. In December of the same year, 33-year-old warrant officer was already in Chechnya. He arrived there in the group “North-East”. At the time Ponomariov was the foreman of a company.

the Bridge across the Sunzha

Before Ponomarev was set a difficult task: with his soldiers, he was to seize the bridge over the river Sunzha and hold reclaimed territory before the arrival of Federal troops. Despite the conditions, Victor and his team to do it was a success. Moreover, soldiers not only successfully defended their positions more than a day, but managed to defuse the mines on the bridge by the enemy. It was at this time the line came the famous General Lev Rokhlin. Enemies fiercely shot back, so Ponomarev decided to take Rokhlin in a safe place. Because of this incident in the press appeared information about the fact that Victor saved the life of a warlord.

Despite the fact that one does not exclude the fact that the General could really be killed in that battle, if not the ensign, in fact Ponomariov defended from death completely different person. On the morning of 21 December 1994 Dudayev used mortars. Victor was well aware: mine’s will start to fly in position, sheltering his men and ordered the main forces to retreat. Himself Sergeant with Sergeant by Arabadjieva remained to cover the withdrawal.

the Hero of Russia, posthumously

Viktor Ponomarev managed to neutralize seven of the bandits, destroy their UAZ, and also eliminate the crew. However, during the battle, Arabadjiev was seriously injured. Ponomarev took the Sergeant on his back and tried to cross the bridge. At this moment next to mine exploded. Now the wounded was himself an army officer. Forces began to leave. Trying to stay awake, Victor Ponomarev simply lay on top of Arabadjieva. Fragments of shells now Arabadjieva not cause any harm. He survived and waited for the Federal troops. But Ponomarev was killed. He was already dead when militants dislodged from the mentioned site. Column of the Russian armed forces marched on Grozny.

December 31, 1994, the President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin signed a decree according to which Viktor Anatolyevich Ponomaryov was awarded the title of Hero of Russia. Unfortunately, posthumously. As fate Lieutenant Ponomarev was the first person who was awarded this high title during the First Chechen campaign.

Yulia Popova

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