Crime 01/11/19 “Vegetable king” of Moscow that Gorbachev was executed for participation in the storming of the Reichstag

the Mkhitar Ambartsumian had three main role – that of a war hero, a successful leader and… the culprit, who paid for their entrepreneurial skills life.

According to the information electronic database “memorial” and “memory of the nation” publishes scans of award documents of world war II veterans, the Armenian Mkhitar Ambartsumian impressive military past – he fought in 1942, wounded four times. Stormed the Reichstag and participated in the Victory parade in 1945, where he was one of the 200 Soviet soldiers throwing German banners to the foot of the Mausoleum. Ambartsumian was awarded four military orders and five medals.

After the criminal case all the awards he was deprived of.

the Retired General-the Lieutenant of militia Vladimir Zaytsev, which at the time was related to the investigation of the criminal case initiated in respect of “vegetable of king” of the capital, said that Garegin Hambardzumyan for nearly 20 years, starting in 1964, led the Dzerzhinskaya produce office, one of the biggest vegetable bases in the Soviet Union. Ambartsumian was a very famous and powerful man in Moscow. But the principle of its fruit and vegetable base does not fit into the framework of socialist legality.
Writer and publicist Mikhail Kozyrev said that the so-called “trade mafia” began to expose with the coming to power of Yuri Andropov. First arrested Yury Sokolov, Director of the Moscow deli No. 1, which the inhabitants called “Eliseevsky”. Kozyrev calls Mkhitar Ambartsumian, one of the best leaders of the Soviet fruit and vegetable bases at the time. He was able to negotiate with suppliers of products, not to carry him rotten and unripe goods. In the vaults of Ambartsumian was one of the best products.

Hambardzumyan sent to the stores with quality goods, havecasava in the documents that 10% of it is substandard. This part of the product is off, the money she allegedly received, although in reality all were sold. Director of basebase shared the “left” earnings payable to those, in turn, continued to deliver Hambardzumyan fresh food – Dzerzhinsk ovoschebazah worked on capitalist principles, the chief of which, as you know, is profit.

the Illegal income, the Director of the enterprise shared with a large number of people – from ordinary workers to the highest officials that protect enterprising leader checks the anti-corruption squad.

Lieutenant-General Vladimir Zaitsev argues that Ambartsumian was installed bribes in the amount of 500 rubles, which he received with everyone who depended on him in this fraudulent scheme. In turn, the Director of the base monthly paid bribes to high-ranking officials, in particular, the leadership of Oplodotvorenie. They were carrying the money to the Moscow Department of trade and higher. It is not proved that part of these funds came the first Secretary of the Moscow city Committee of the CPSU Victor Grishin. But experts are inclined to believe that the first person in town could not know about all these shenanigans.

the Criminal case brought against the Ambartsumian, it was one of the show trials initiated under Andropov in relation to the “trade mafia”. Is version: the death sentence issued against him and executed in 1987, was the result of the fact that Alex Ambartsumian began to testify against high-ranking officials of the Moscow city party Committee.

Soviet human rights activist Viktor Sokirko published excerpts from the verdict, which indirectly confirms this hypothesis: the court actually found that among those defendants who paid bribes were employees of the CPSU MGK. In this regard, the case of Ambartsumian, to a certain extent resembled the story also shot Director “Eliseevsky” Yuri Sokolov – the fraudulent conthe ZEC was the first person in the Moscow city party Committee.
Sokirko in the 90-ies filed a petition for review of the conviction in respect of Mkhitar Ambartsumian. But they remained unsatisfied.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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