Vasily Margelov: how many times trooper No. 1 escaped death

Heroes 04/12/19 Vasily Margelov: how many times trooper No. 1 escaped death

according to Alexander Osipov, in his book “About time and myself”, in the years of the great Patriotic war, the future paratrooper No. 1 has proved itself as an energetic, experienced, and most importantly courageous commander. But in fact, courage Vasily Margelov always. In his youth, and in adulthood he more than once risked his life and could have died countless times.

the Blockage in the mine

Vasily Filippovich Margelov was born in the city of the Dnieper (then Ekaterinoslav) in the family of a Metallurgist working. Like his father, Margelov was never lazy. After graduating from the parish school, he immediately went to work. Then Vasily Lata was only 13 years old. To call in the Red Army, he had to work hard and a porter, a carpenter, in a workshop on leather. But the first time when Margelov almost died, occurred at the time when the future General was a miner in his native Ekaterinoslav.

Oleg Smyslov in the publication “General Margelov” writes that once the mine had a blockage. Some miners after a few hours spent under the ground, lost hope for salvation. However, the young Vasily Filippovich, along with several workers within three days raked rock. And all this without food and water. Only on the fourth day, Margelov finally saw the light. He and his colleagues got to the top unharmed. However, Vasily Margelov health then began to fail, and from the mine he had to leave.

30 thousand Germans

after 4 years of Vasily Margelov, he was drafted into the red Army. This period can be called the beginning of the military career of Vasily Lata. Despite the fact that during the Soviet-Finnish and the great Patriotic war Margelov led troops, he risked his life in the same way as any ordinary. The General had at least 8 wounds. However, whenever he again returnadulsa was in operation. Not in vain in 1944 Margelov was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. However, the heroic actions, he continued to conduct after the victory.

Boris Kostin and Alexander Margelov, who wrote the book “General of the army Vasily Margelov”, reported that on may 12, 1945 Margelov ordered to prevent the German breakthrough on the territory, which was under the responsibility of the Americans. Meanwhile, Soviet soldiers were celebrating the win, so to prevent another bloodshed Margelov could not. He went to negotiate with the Nazis and in the rigid form has demanded from them to voluntarily surrender. The Nazis had nothing to lose, and they could deal with the commander on the spot. However, after hearing Margelov, more than 30 thousand Germans surrendered.


In the above case could not be better characterize Vasily Margelov. Despite the status, the General always preferred to do everything himself. So, according to Margelov, up to forty years, he was not familiar with the parachute equipment. What can we say about jumping? However, being a General and commander of the 76th guards Chernigov red banner airborne division, Vasily Filippovich made their first parachute jump. Margelov landed badly, damaging the already wounded leg. However, he was still alive. But a friend and colleague Margelov Mikhail Denisenko crashed. About this case mentions in his book “the Commando № 1. Army-General Margelov” Alexander Margelov.

Mikhail Ivanovich Denisenko in the same year 1948 that Margelov, began to command the 103rd guards airborne division of the Belarusian military district. In fact, Denisenko could become a second “father” of the airborne forces. But it didn’t: Mikhail Ivanovich died in April 1949, making the third parachute jump. A few months before this tragedy, Margelov and Denisenko have agreed that they will make at least 6 jumps. Despite the unsuccessful debut, and the death of a comrade Vasily Filippovich oath fulfilled.

Yulia Popova

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