Vasily Chuikov: the reason why it broke

Biography 05/02/20 Vasily Chuikov: the reason why it broke “Marshal” funeral tradition

As you know, most marshals of the Soviet Union were buried at the capital’s cemeteries. And only Vasily Ivanovich Chuikov has long remained the only military leader of such high rank, found his peace beyond Moscow. At least, it was not until 2014, while the life is not gone, Marshal Vasily Ivanovich Petrov. “Marshal”

Until the battle of Stalingrad

Vasily Ivanovich Chuikov was born in the village of Serebryanye Prudy, Tula province in 1900 in a peasant family. According to Denis Soloviev in the third volume of the publication “the corps commanders of the red army, 1935-1940”, a military career Chuikov started to build in 1918. It was then that he joined the ranks of the red army and became a cadet of the Moscow military instructor courses. Chuikov had the opportunity to participate in the suppression of left-SR revolt, the Civil war, the liberation campaign in Western Belarus and Ukraine, as well as in the Soviet-Finlyandskiy war. In late 1940, Chuikov was appointed military attaché in China. 2 years later in connection with the successful implementation of the tasks of Vasily Ivanovich was recalled to Moscow.

As he recalled in his memoirs, “the Beginning” Vasily Chuikov reported the results of its Chinese mission, he immediately began to ask to the front. Please Chuikov was granted: in the spring of 1942 he was already in Tula, which at the time formed the army then sent to Stalingrad. A few months Chuikov commanded the 64th army and then was transferred to the Deputy commander of the army. Then Vasily asked to form a task force to create a barrier on the Aksay river. The Nazis managed to stop that gave the opportunity to other compounds of the 64th army to gain a foothold on the frontiers.

the Battle for “height 102,0”

In September 1942 Vasily Chuikov occupied the position of commander of the 62nd army. Then the battle of Stalingrad was beginning to unfold in the streets of the city. Chuikov was ordered to defend Stalingrad at any cost. If you believe the authors of the publication “the Generals of world war II”, the future Marshal became the founder of a new for the Soviet forces in tactics of urban combat. In the absence of fortifications Chuikov had to build a defense based on the specific situation. Vasily Ivanovich did not act according to pattern, and constantly looking for new methods of organization and warfare.

the Centre of battles became legendary Mamaev Kurgan. According to the publication “the 100 most beautiful places of Russia”, 62-th army led by Vasily Chuikov offered stubborn resistance 51 to the body of the enemy, commanded by General Walter von Seydlitz of Kurzbach. Within 135 days and nights of fierce fighting for control of the “height 102,0”. It was designated on the Mamaev Kurgan military maps. The battle of Stalingrad, in total, lasted 200 days. According to various sources, killing thousands and even millions of people.

Will Marshall

For the heroism and resistance of the 62nd army was renamed the 8th guards. As writes the edition “Guide to the history of Russia”, together with the 8th army Vasily Chuikov came to Berlin. It was on his command post, General Weidling in may 1945 signed the capitulation. Home Vasily Ivanovich returned, becoming twice Hero of the Soviet Union and holder of many other equally valuable military decorations. However, it did not happen immediately after the victory Chuikov remained in Germany to command a Group of Soviet troops. Only in 1955, when the captain had returned home, he became Marshal of the Soviet Union.

Chuykov resigned in 1972, after which he lived another 10 years. Despite the fact that the Marshal until the end of his days led a fairly active life, he was thinking about death. The encyclopedia “Russia” (compiler And Y. Nikiforov) reports that Vasily Ivanovich wrote his will in which he asked to be buried on the Mamaev in Kurgan, where he remained forever the soldiers he once commanded. The last will and Chuikov was made. This case was the first in the history of the USSR, the Marshal has found his peace beyond Moscow. The second commander of such high rank, are buried outside the capital, was Vasily Ivanovich Petrov.

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