Kortrijk, Kortrijk, prohibits, as from 1 October, the sale of cartridges of nitrous oxide, in shops, restaurants and cafés. These patterns have been designed for spraying whipped cream, but the young people are using them in order to get a rush job. “We are very excited by this news,” said Stefaan Lauwaert, the Foundation for Burns and scalds.

Two weeks ago, a remarkable Kortrijkzaan a photo on social media of a box filled with stored gas that is being sold on a late-night shop in the vicinity of the railway station in Kortrijk, belgium, in between the sweets. It made a lot of noise. That stored gas is dangerous, and young people used it as a drug. Mayor Van Quickenborne, suggested that a ban on the sale of the product by the powers that be had to come by.

See also the emergency doctors to pull the alarm bell, the municipalities shall take measures to: “and More and more pictures by the lake” Impulse

“We have to be legally tested to see what is possible,” says mayor Van Quickenborne. “It has been found that such a product be to be able to ban it in specific shops when it comes to the impulse in such cases. That is, we believe, is the case. That stored gas, are designed for spraying whipped cream, but if you do that during the night buy, it is obvious that the patterns do not before purchasing it. The safety and security of the City, young people are going on the freedom of trade.”

The ban will take effect starting from the 1st of October. From then on, it may be ampules of gas in shops and restaurants will be confiscated and there is a risk that the operator of a GAS to a penalty of up to 350. The police are already in the possession of the ampules in it would be after July 24, all the boxes are empty ampules and found a coffee shop.
Great gas

Since then, the police several times, as ampules of young people in the uk. In the single pub could take the police up to 150 ampules of storage. In one of the other eating place was in fact, a huge cylinder of 1 m in the attached. With the gas cylinder, which were the balloons blown up for the jongerente to distribute.