Championships, Wout van Aert complained about his lawsuit against Nick Nuyens did not. That’s what he told The ‘Sunday’. “I don’t know what justice is all the way to work, but it’s all over.” Furthermore, well-known Van Aert, also, that he is mentally leave guiding after his crash in the Tour de france.

€ 1.1 million. That’s the amount of money that Nick Nuyens and his business partner, Chris’s Company in the Rifle Cycling, ask for compensation for the breach of contract by Wout van Aert at their team from last year. The three-times world champion in cyclo-cross got under the pretext of an urgent reason for it. Twelve months later, the labour court in Mechelen, belgium decide whether or not that is opstapreden justified.

“the amounts were for me a shock,” says Van Aert, in an interview with “The Sunday”. “If that is what is on the table it should explain to you, you should immediately sell your house, a few in fact. I’ve got that amount of money in all of these years, have never earned it, and I also don’t agree to what the other party that it has to be calculated. I don’t expect I will ever have that amount of money you will have to pay it, provided that I have already been wrong to get to the courthouse, and that’s where I’m from,” said Van Aert.

The session took place last week, and the verdict is in on the 26th of november. In the meantime, we have to wait for Van Aert. Though he does have a point to make. “My lawyer wanted to prove that I’m not in it for the money to go to Jumbo, am considering the fact that Van Aert was able to have a career in the Experiments is a lot more out of it, ed.). and we could prove it to you. Only it is a pity, that I can bare all, and he.I’m heading there now, and I feel really good on the Jumbo-Visma. That’s what I want to remember it.”