Many people are currently receiving the warning message from the Corona warning app or CovPass app that their digital vaccination certificate is about to expire. In most cases, a new vaccination is not necessary, but there is still a need for action. We will tell you how to update your vaccination certificate and what you should consider when doing so.

First take a deep breath: Within Germany, the vaccination certificates are valid indefinitely both after the complete basic immunization against the corona virus and after the booster vaccination. However, what expires is the technical validity of the proof. This was limited to 365 days when the digital vaccination certificate was introduced.

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If the certificate were checked using a scan app, the proof would appear invalid, although the immunization is still valid. So that users can update their digital vaccination status in good time, the Corona apps send a notification 28 days before the expiry date. Currently and in the coming weeks, this affects people who were vaccinated in spring or summer 2021.

Refreshing the digital vaccination card is relatively easy – a visit to the doctor or pharmacy is not necessary. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) informs on its website: “In order to be able to continue to prove your vaccination status, the relevant certificates must be updated. You will soon be able to carry out the necessary new issuance yourself in the app with just a few clicks.”

There is no app update with this function yet. According to the RKI, one should be available in the app stores before the certificates expire.

If your cell phone does not automatically update the Corona apps, we recommend that you check the status of your app in the App Store. If an update is available, you can easily install the latest version.

Also people who have been vaccinated with Johnson’s vaccine for the first time

With other vaccines, however, this number only indicates the primary immunization. To avoid confusion, in February this year the EU decided on a new numbering for vaccination certificates: booster vaccinations for recovered and with Johnson

Here, too, users will soon be able to update their certificates in the apps with the help of a corresponding update. However, the RKI knows that different systems are involved in the renewal process in the background. “Errors can sometimes occur here. You may see an ‘error’ with a number in the app.” If you have any questions or difficulties, users are advised to contact the email address for the CovPass app ( to turn.

In order to make traveling in Europe easier, the European Union has introduced uniform standards for digital vaccination certificates. According to the relevant EU regulation, EU vaccination certificates remain valid for up to 270 days without a booster vaccination. Vaccination certificates that prove a basic immunization plus booster are considered unlimited in time. The regulations are relaxed for minors and commuters: Your vaccination status is unlimited even without a booster.

According to EU regulations, recovery certificates are valid for a maximum of 180 days after the day of the first positive test result. However, the member states can adapt this rule in each case. In Germany, for example, the validity of the convalescent card is limited to three months.