Useful products in one infographic: what will strengthen the immune system and will not add extra pounds

it Seems that eating well is expensive and difficult: you need to read the label on the packaging, weigh each portion, counting calories and even deprive yourself of the joys and sweets of life. But it’s not as scary if you know where and what products to buy. The journalist Yaroslav Baikova for a week decided to abandon their usual diet and eat only healthy foods. According to her, after the experiment, energy was more in the morning, I wanted faster to get out of bed, but after a day still had the strength to walk around the city.

Made for you infographic with the top natural products that strengthen the immune system. They have no chemicals or harmful additives, only vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Read and collect your basket of natural Goodies on the site “Farmer’s center”, free shipping.